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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Nigeria to distribute free 6 million free electricity meters to in consumers

Nigeria said on Monday that it plans to commence a metering scheme that will see six million electricity meters distributed free to Nigerians homes and firms.

The minister of power, Sale Mamman said the Metering scheme will commence in the fourth quarter of the year and this will ensure that Nigerians only pay for the energy they consume.

“To ensure that Nigerians only pay for the energy they consume, a Metering scheme that will see 6 million free meters distributed to Nigerian homes and businesses is set to commence this quarter,” Mamman wrote on his tweet on Monday.

Power minister tweet

In August, President Mohammadu Buhari had approved one-year waiver of import levy on electricity meters to help improve Nigeria’s electricity meter deficit.

Nigeria’s electricity metering deficit was put around 6.75 million in August compared from 4.5 million 2015.

Most Nigerian electricity consumers are billed by the power distributions companies on estimated, leading to major discontent within the system and the government hike electricity tariff last month.

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