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We lost him to the cold hands of death as the system failed him

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By Oludare Mayowa

It’s been an unpleasant time, as death came knocking and took away a pleasant soul, cut short his journey here on earth, and put an end to his many unfulfilled dreams. It was an early call on Thursday, March 14, 2024, informing me of an emergence at a brethren’s house.

I had to quickly shut down my lap top, stop all I was doing, and drive straight to the place. He was lying still on the floor of his room, with no sign of movement. I immediately touched his body to ascertain his state.

He was still a bit warmed, but since I am a novice when it comes to medicine, I tried to reassure myself that hope is not totally lost.

We put a call through to one of the medical facilities around, where he was once a senior medical consultant, but we’re told that their ambulance is without a driver.

Then I quickly rushed downstairs and drove to another big hospital with the hope of getting an ambulance to evacuate him to the nearest hospital for assistance.

On getting there, I was told that there is no functioning ambulance. Then I asked if I could have a medical team go with me and provide first-aid therapy for him, but their answer was no.

In my state of dejection, I ran back to the house to make more calls. I reached a member of the local church medical team, who quickly rushed down. The verdict was not too clear, but it was suggestive that hope was deemed.

A call was put to the medical facility where he worked till the day before, and after dilly dally, they promised to send an ambulance.It took the effort of a clergyman, who called a personel in Lagos General Hospital, to help arrange for a private ambulance.

At the Gbagada General Hospital, the verdict was that he was brought in dead. We lost him, not for lack of effort but for the fact that the system he served diligently as a medical doctor failed to come to his rescue when he needed it most.

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All the emergency numbers that we could possibly reach for help were not going through or connecting. A brother who joined me as part of the rescue team simply quibbled after all efforts to secure help failed; “a person who saved others lives lost his because the system cannot come to his rescue.”

A gentle soul, unassuming and quiet to a fault, went to be with his maker on Thursday, March 14, 2024. Perhaps he died in his sleep after he returned from seeing his cardiologist the previous day.

His neighbour testified that he saw him coming in the previous night, but by the next day, he was gone. Perhaps if help had come quick enough, his life would have been saved.

I shed tears for my beloved country, a nation of which I had so much expectations and believed would return to the days of sanity. I realised that, despite my optimism and patriotism, Nigeria at present is like a failed state.

In a nation where everything good has broken down, the state, represented by those in government, is incapable of coming to the aid of its citizens in times of emergency.

What happened to the medical doctor depicts our lack of respect for human life, our insensitivity to human feelings, and the complete breakdown of the entire system to provide emergency support in times of need.

I was traumatised for days as a result of experiencing firsthand the implications of the decaying state of affairs in my country. A country whose citizens cannot reach for help when they are in an emergency.

The fact that such negligence can happen with no consequences is scary. In a phone conversation with a friend, he blamed the state of affairs in our country on a lack of consequence, which resulted in impunity by those in charge of the state.

The experience affected my mental health for days because I came to the reality of the way our nation is being managed by the buccaneers, whose only quest to get to power is to corner the resources of the country for their selfish use and deny the majority of the people access to the basics.

Daily, people are being kidnapped from their homes, yet the state looks on helplessly while the rest of us are left unprotected and live in fear and apprehension of what tomorrow may bring.

The criminals are getting away with their evil ways, demanding huge cash as ransom before letting go of their victims. Hunger is ravaging the country today because of the poor conceptualization of policy and its execution by those in government, while the so-called palliatives meant to ease the pain of the people are being hoarded by those who are supposed to distribute them.

The country’s budget is being padded by the National Assembly in connivance with the executive in order to fleece the people of money meant to provide good healthcare services and other social infrastructure.

Our doctor brother has gone to be with his maker; he has finished his race, but who is the next victim of the broken-down system? Who would be the next number in the data of sadism foisted on us by the system.

My heart is with the family of my brother, who has gone to be with his maker. He left a large footprint on the sand of time. The dead are left to bury their dead, and the beat goes on, while the system is waiting for the next victims of government insensitivity and the incompetence of people in charge of the affairs of the country.

May the souls of the departed rest peacefully, and may the Lord comfort the families, friends, and associates. It’s unfortunate that a bright mind that should be contributing to the development of the nation’s health care system was left to depart this world untimely due to the negligence of the system.

A soul that chose to stay back in the country and help to salvage the rotten health care system rather than joining the gravy train of people who have given up hope in the nation and chose the option of ‘Japa’ to a better and working clime.

(Contact; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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