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Church leaders should guide and not mislead their followers

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The word of God is clear about faith, it’s an assurance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Faith from my own perspective presupposes a personal commitment to the assurance given by the word of God to His people. So faith should be a personal thing exercised by individuals as they catch God’s revelation for their lives or in proportion to their ability to understand and apply the word of God to their lives.

But unfortunately, I have seen some church leaders, trying to lead their members by the nose, imposing a huge burden that they cannot carry on them.

This came to the fore with the advent of the pandemic where many preachers tried so hard to discredit the existence of the virus that is ravaging the whole world despite the evidence of its impact on human and economic activities.

Many preachers have become evangelists of fake and conspiracy theories and experts in the adversary message that Covid does not exist and could not infect God’s children.

In fact, there was a time a particular preacher was fabricating a theory of how 5G technology was responsible for the outbreak of Covid.

Many of such leaders lap up this claim to the extent that even when some members of their church succumb to complications arising from the disease, they still live in denial.

There was this particular church where the leader was so bullish about his denunciation of Covid 19’s existence that even when some of his pastors succumbed to the deadly disease, the church still finds a way to cover it up and blame the death on some other reasons.

Again, in recent times there is this trending issue of domestic violence, which has claimed the life of a prominent gospel artist, Osinachi. It brought about the same issue of some church leaders misleading their flocks in the name of faith. What I have discovered in the course of my Christian ministry is that a number of the so-called pastors and ministers are not worth the name they are called.

Many of them are twisting the spirit and the letter of the scripture to favour their disposition and personal understanding and in the course of this, led many to perdition.

Many of these so-called leaders counsel their followers based on their selfish considerations rather than what is practicable and in line with what the scripture teaches.

While it is a good thing to discourage people from seeking divorce on flimsy excuses, there are fundamentals issues that should not be condoled in the name of ‘God hate divorce’ and should be exposed and dealt with appropriately.

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I listen to Osinachi’s Pastor’s explanation of what transpired prior to her death and their claim that they were not aware that she was going through such a harrowing experience in the hands of his so-called husband.

However, a report from the lady’s family showed that she left her husband for about a year before she again returned to his house with the hope that he will eventually change.

My question is that were the pastors also not aware of the period their lead singer left her husband’s house for a whole year? What kind of a shepherd are they then if they were not aware of such development and the reason for such?

I am sure the news must have filtered around the church, but those who ought to do something about it were too ‘holy’ to intervene and save the life of the lady.

It is important that church leaders should wake up to the reality of our time and ensure that they protect their flock from being devoured by those wolves in sheep clothing mingling around the church and seeking who to consume.

An abusive partner should not be condoled by the church, they should be exposed as soon as they are found out and guilt shame to serve as a deterrent to their likes regardless of their status in the church.

Professional counsellors should be deployed to help engage both would-be couples and the older ones in counselling to ensure that the couples are well guided on actions expected of them at every point in time in their marital journey.

The church should now focus on teaching its members a balanced gospel that shows that while God hates divorce, the same God love life and promised us life in abundance.

The church should from the pulpit emphasise the need for husband and wife to love each other the way Christ loved the church while also openly condemning domestic violence as anti-Christ activity.

The church should not be made comfortable for wives or husbands beaters; because abuse is abuse regardless of which gender conducts itself in a wrong way.

Until both the church and entire society rise against domestic violence and marital abuse, the trend will continue and the pain inflicted will continue to hurt our conscience as the moral compass of the society.

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