April 16, 2021
  • April 16, 2021

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CHURCH BUSINESS: Leaders, what is your home front like?

by on April 4, 2021 0
By Oludare Mayowa Are you a Pastor, church leader, or playing a leading role in any spiritual organisation? Are you under scrutiny and being judged harshly by your followers, members of your church, or people from outside the organisation? Are members of your households, particularly children and spouses under intense criticism by your congregations... Read More

CHURCH BUSINESS: Set your heart to finish strong

by on December 27, 2020 0
By Oludare Mayowa   I was once an athlete back in the days and used to participate in many sporting activities. I had participated in track events, volleyball and even played in the hockey team. I understand to some extent the requirements for finishing strong in whatever sporting activities we embark on. No matter... Read More

CHURCH BUSINESS: You can absolutely bank on Him

by on November 29, 2020 0
By Oludare Mayowa I once read a book with the title “for those who hurt.” Am not really sure I could recollect the name of the author nor the details of the content. However, significantly, the book was talking about how God uses our life experience to groom us into maturity. Sometimes, we are... Read More

CHURCH BUSINESS: How to disinfect yourself of selfish disposition

by on November 1, 2020 0
By Oludare Mayowa The synonyms for this simple word Selfishness include; self-centeredness, self-interest, egocentricity, self-seeking and self-conceited The antonyms for the word are altruism, self-sacrifice, selflessness, philanthropy, humanity The etymology of the word selfishness: The word selfish is an adjective (qualifier) derived from two words; self + ish and was said to have been... Read More