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On Pastor Kumuyi and Mrs Ibukun Awosika

  • You may become a victim of what you created

By Nike Adegoke

I understand that a recent event took place at the Deeper Life Prayer Ministry, which as in the usual style of such Christian programs, featured a number of well-known guest preachers and speakers. One of such was Mrs Ibukun Awosika.

If you know this lady, you don’t need to be told that her outward appearance stands against everything the Deeper Life Ministry doctrine stands for. She wears her long silky hair permed, she wears make up and jewelry and her dresses, though always modest, aren’t the drapes the classic DL woman is expected to don.

Not long after the poster for the event was posted on the church website did some members begin to question the Superintendent of the fold, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi about the inclusion of the lovely lady on the list of ‘men of God’ to minister at the program. Some blatantly called her an unbeliever and declared that they were going to boycott the event.

On the D-day, as I expected, Mrs Awosika appeared as herself at the podium. No scarf. Made up face. Jewellry intact. The elders appeared not to like that. They’re being bashed by the public for their snobbery.

My take is, why not (snob her)?

What other reaction do we expect from a people whose minds have been conditioned (for most of them, all of their adult lives) to see such appearances or fraternity with such people as sinful or canal? In fact, forbidden!

The women cannot even walk into church without a head piece neither with a single piece of jewelry and yet there was this lady standing in front of them, ministering and looking like what ‘Baba’ preached against.

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In his defense,Baba Kumuyi probably had an ha ha! moment, probably a revelation came to him that you actually could look like Mrs Awosika and still be a child of God.

He probably got a divine eye-opening that God looks at the heart and not your hair covering.

The query however is, did he carry his sheep along?? Do they know why he decided she is ‘kosher’? Do the ushers know why they allowed her into the gathering looking the way she did?

You cannot change the goalpost in the middle of the game.

I don’t blame the congregation and elders for their reactions. It’s expected. You’re taking them away from what you’ve taught them to be the norm for decades.

This is the same position I held when there was backlash from RCCG members concerning Pastor Adeboye’s daughter-in-law’s haircut.

Just as I see absolutely nothing wrong in how Mrs Awosika looks, I have no problem with that haircut but when you lay doctrines, then you’ve got to lead by example. A certain gentleman tweeted that she was asked by Mrs Adeboye to step down from the music ministry because he had a beard but her son and daughter-in-law could have THAT kind of matching haircuts. He was obviously pained.

You lay doctrines guiding your fold, no problem.

There’s no association without rules but you and your household must adhere strictly because you won’t be excused if you decide to someday loosen the grip. You must maintain the same energy or you make a public declaration to your people that you’ve misled them all along and that you’re sorry!

They deserve an apology.

They deserve reorientation.

You can’t just change your mind and expect them to follow suit.

~ Adegoke is an Ibadan based entreprenuer 

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