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CHURCH BUSINESS: The Women in your life and ministry

By Oludare Mayowa

To many people, women are the very complicated being God has ever made, they represent the finest art created by God, yet some of them could be sharp arrow of destruction.

They have the most flexible heart to receive and accommodate love when it’s extended to them, yet some could easily rubbish the same for reason best known to them. The same way they can embrace salvation is the same manner they are ready to dump their belief.

They are the most open minded when they are convinced about any issue but have a deep heart that can conceive and hold destructive secret.

We have seen women like Rehab, who was sensitive to God’s leading at a mere contact with the spies sent by Joshua to reconnaissance the land of Jericho, yet there was another one in form of the Potiphar’s wife who was a willing tool in the hands of the devil to destroy the destiny of Joseph for a few minutes of pleasure.

There was a spot for Delilah, who sold her husband, Samson’s love for a few shekel of gold and betrayed his trust, yet was another one with a heart filled with loyalty and commitment like Ruth, who despite all odds stuck to her mother in law till the end.

There was another one in the mold of Herod’s wife who asked for the head of an innocent man, John the Baptist for saying the truth, yet was another woman like Mary Magdalene whose support for Christ ministry was without measure.

They come in different shade of colours, looks, sizes, shape and glamour, whatever measure you want, you will get.

This is the world of women, the Lord created to provide companionship for men, to help them fulfill their mission on earth and to promote bounding and fellowship among other purposes.

It’s the same women that had found their way to position of power and deployed it for selfish use which eventually led to the destruction of their husbands. Naboth’s vineyard was stolen from him and eventually he was killed by the evil conceived in the heart of a woman. Jezebel, the wife of King Ahab was an example of women who found themselves in power, through greed, used such power to bring about the downfall of their husband.

Esther is another woman in power, yet she deployed her influence to deliver her people from imminent destruction and brought great relieve to God’s people.

Mary also allows herself to be used by God to become the channel by which Jesus was brought to the world in human form to save His people from sins.

The ignorant call the universe a man’s world but the wise ones know that it’s truly a man’s world ruled by women. If you’re in doubt, check and ask around in your neighborhood or in the alternative, examine the world of great leaders past and present and who truly hold the lever of power.

Is there no man who fit perfectly into the two categories of women being examined here? There are many also who can be situated in either of the two sides. But I am not writing about the role of men today but rather the place of women in history and ministry

For Pastors and ministers, you can choose the category of women you want around you; the Esther who preferred to be used to bring deliverance to God’s people or the Delilah who chose to betray her husband for a bag of gold.

There are these two categories of woman under your ministry, how you handle them, how you discover them and how you deploy them for good use depend on your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

Women are the best giver, if they want to give, they can give all that they have without looking back, they are the most loyal followers and great carrier of the message of truth, and they are the prayer warriors that keep the fire burning on the altar.

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While men are busy chasing riches and power, which they will eventually and willingly hand over to the women, the women are the ones who will ensure that the church is kept going, sustaining the attendance and ensuring that the church enjoys some stability among the various groupings.

In the same vein, some of them are the ones behind all the troubles you will ever get in the ministry, the envious division and the embellish rumour and source of temptation to make you fall.

They are also great managers of resources, prudent and thrifty and on the other hand, they could constitute the major waste of resources on frivolities and can help you to squander the little that you have.

Let me issue a note of warning here, don’t joke with women if you really want to succeed in life and ministry, they are the key element you need in you quest to succeed in your personal life and ministry.

They have all the ability you need to help you to soar in life and ministry, but you must learn to push the right button, choose the right team and keep to the unwritten rules of the game; ‘thou shall not overreach your limit.’

Women love attention, to be indulged and praise constantly, they also love drama but you have to choose the measure of these characteristic that would be enough to keep them positively on your side.

Never over praise one and neglect the other, otherwise you will be courting trouble and schism; don’t give one attention and deprive the other nor shower praise on one and withhold it from the next one.

Sometimes, you’re at sea on how to please them and keep them in check or balance. May the Lord guide you to make the right decision when it comes to dealing with women, both within your congregation and the one in your home you call wife.

There would definitely be some level of conflict between your wife and the women in your church who are either envious that they should have been the one with you and not her, who believe that your wife is over reaching or dominating attention.

There would definitely be some women who don’t like your wife for some unknown reason and on the other hand there would be occasion your wife would feel you are getting to close to some of the women or that you are overindulging  some of them too.

So, you need all the tact and wisdom to handle conflict when your wife is involved in both sides of the divide otherwise you will inflame unnecessary conflict which you may not be able to handle.

Life is not really complicated but it’s human that made it so, and you need to manage your own failing, temperance and ego to enable you to succeed in your ministry.

Be proactive, firm and at the same time flexible, be courageous, compassionate and overall learn to manage fame because this has led to the downfall of many ministers, who allow themselves to be turn to semi-god and then make ship wreck of their ministry.

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