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WTO extends moratorium on e-commerce tariffs for 2 years ~ draft document

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Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) have agreed to extend a moratorium on tariffs on electronic commerce for another two years at a high-level meeting, according to a document released on Friday, although it still needs formal approval.

“We agree to maintain the current practice of not imposing customs duties on electronic transmissions until the 14th Session of the Ministerial Conference.

“We welcome the constructive engagement in the Dedicated Discussions which included the exchange of experiences and submissions on several e-commerce-related topics and agree to deepen such discussions on e-commerce-related topics as identified by Members building on work from previous Dedicated Discussions.

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“We agree to hold further discussions and examine additional empirical vidence on the scope, definition, and the impact that a moratorium on customs duties on electronic transmissions might have on development, and how to level the playing field for developing and least-developed country Members to advance their digital industrialization,: the document stated.

The moratorium and the Work Programme will expire on that date,” the document, posted on the WTO website, said.

Ministerial conferences are held every two years.

The draft document needs final approval by all 164 WTO members in the closing meeting scheduled for later on Friday.

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