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vice president Osinbajo

With honest implementation of Policy, Nigeria can be great

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Nigeria can achieve improved fortunes and become a better place to live with an honest implementation of ideas by a focused leadership despite the increasing pressure on scarce resources amidst other emerging challenges.
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo stated this on Tuesday at the virtual public presentation of three books on Policy, Politics and Governance.
“As the events of the last few months around the world have proven to us, leadership is indeed consequential. If there was any doubt about the fact that the quality of leadership is central to the fortunes of society, this pandemic has established that to us in plain terms,” Osinbajo said.

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“It may literarily mean the difference between life and death. If leadership is that consequential, it must then suggest that politics, may be, belong in the same existential category, being the production line for leadership

“But the other point is in my respectful view, the error of assuming that the failures in governance is on account of professionals and other decently engaged people leaving the space to career politicians.

“I fear that this sort of analysis is factually incorrect because as a matter of fact very many of those who hold political office are actually qualified in some discipline or the other.

“The question, in my view, is what the elite consensus is? The elite in most societies determine that direction even if the primary purpose is self-preservation.
“I think that the problem we have is that there is so much concern with narrow parochial interest. The Nigerian elite is unable, even out of self-preservation, to find a consensus, not only to move the nation forward but also to prevent itself from destruction,” Osinbajo said.

The Vice President, however, commended the author of the book, Simbo Olorunfemi for his commitment and passion for nation-building.
“His taking the trouble to detail his thoughts in writing and put them out for debate and analysis is a commendable but, I must say, sadly disappearing activity,” Osinbajo said.

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