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Why Threads Is A Bigger Deal Than It Seems

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By Treasure Mayowa

Within 24 hours of its release on July 5th, 2023, Threads shattered records with an astonishing 30 million signups, surpassing even the most popular social media platform launches to date.

This indicates the potential impact of the social media platform. Beyond being ‘another new’ social media platform, Threads could be a bigger deal than it seems. Let me explain why:

Threads: A Twitter Alternative

Since its launch, Threads has earned itself the title, “Twitter Killer” owing to its striking similarities with the social network. With Twitter’s struggle with misinformation and online harassment, more users are looking forward to a healthier social media space.

According to recent reports, Twitter has recorded a reduction in revenues as advertisers are pulling out from the platform. This has led to its reliance on revenue from the purchase of verification badges leading to a lot of the app’s features being locked behind a paywall. Moreover, Twitter’s latest measures to reduce web scraping on its platform have limited users’ tweet views.

In contrast, Threads entered the social media scene devoid of ads, unlimited views for users, and claimed to have no focus on monetization until the app reaches a billion users. This approach provides grounds for Threads’ popularity to disrupt Twitter’s user base and dethrone the social media platform.

A new generation of non-toxic social media

Social media have become a significant part of our lives, improving the way we connect and communicate with others. But social media also comes with negatives, with social media platforms often breeding toxicity and negative communication. Threads, however, offers a breath of fresh air as it claims to prioritize healthy, positive communication. Users are joining the platform in hopes of some sort of ‘fresh start’ for positive and meaningful communications. This could spark a new wave of healthy social media platforms.

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A new type of social media connection

One of the key factors contributing to Threads’ rapid success is its seamless integration with Meta’s Instagram. With just a few clicks, Instagram users can effortlessly register for a Threads account and bring along their existing followers.

This integration has attracted millions of Instagram users who are eager to expand their social media experience and engage with their connections in a new and exciting way. Beyond this integration, Threads might serve as the start of a much bigger integration.

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has been outspoken about his plan for the decentralization of social media platforms. For example, you could view a Facebook post on Instagram and vice versa creating interconnected social media interactions.

A social media monopoly

Amid the rise of Threads, it is important to consider the potential danger of a social media monopoly. Meta currently owns Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and now Threads posing a potential consolidation and centralization of power. A social media monopoly could lead to censorship and concentration of user data.

Should Meta decide to censor a particular topic, it would affect all of its platforms and impact a substantial portion of social media users. Additionally, Threads hasn’t been approved by the European Union (EU) due to the number of user data the app requests. A social media monopoly could mean more access to users’ data and as I mentioned earlier a concentration of user data.

Bottom Line

Threads has the potential to disrupt the social media landscape but its long-term impact depends on its ability to differentiate from competitors, gain users’ trust, and navigate monopoly and privacy concerns.

Mayowa is a gap-year student passionate about leveraging technology to solve global challenges. Feel free to check out her Linkedin or subscribe to her monthly newsletter.

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