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Why I am vying for the position of Lagos NIPR chairman

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The Future of Lagos NIPR Matters

By Eniola Mayowa

I have consciously taken my time to conduct simple research on the core objectives of professional institutes across board in both local and other jurisdictions and I have come to a conclusion that our great institute – the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) – though has done well in some areas, there is still a world of opportunities yet untapped.

For instance, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in the last decade has focused majorly on helping members to grow their practices through consistent research updates on critical issues that shape the output of the profession.

Members at all levels are consistently exposed to new methodology of PR practice to keep abreast of the latest trends, becoming more relevant thereby forging ahead in their professional callings.

The same thing is found in other professional bodies that create equal opportunity for members to reach the zenith of their career as far as they desire through professional support and platform to engage others leaders in the profession.

These professional bodies are distinguished by the realization of their core callings and the need to promote competence, ethics, efficiency and platform for networking for their members.

They have carried out their function creditably and in the process of carrying out their mandate have been able to attract to their fold quality membership who are more than loyal to their professional body and provide all the supports needed to sustain the growth of their industry.

My decision to vie for the chairman of the Lagos Chapter of our great institute was primarily driven by the desire to contribute my own quota to upscale our present profile and make the institute more attractive to quality practitioners who are currently operating on the sideline of the Institute folds.

From my interactions with many practitioners, it was evident that many hitherto members are not involved in the activities of the institute because they could not find relevance within the context of our present activities.

Many of them could not locate an answer to the “what is in it for me” question in their minds as they are trying to balance their practice with the activities of the Institute and the perceived gap between the young and the old.

I have stepped out to become the rally point to push for the upscale of our core to the benefits of all members and the admiration of the entire society.

Your vote in this election will enable me to carry out some reforms within the permits of our bylaws to attract more core professionals back to our fold and grow new ones to enhance the acceptability of our professional contribution to nation building.

Many practitioners have distanced themselves from the institute at both the corporate and public sectors because of the wrong perception of what the institute represents. Part of my mandate is to persuade and encourage such practitioners to identify with the institute by way of support and full participation.

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The reforms will also include setting up a proper office structure to effectively and efficiently respond to members’ needs both virtually and physically.

Today, no up-to-date register of practitioner exist anywhere, contrary to practice in other professional bodies; it’s my earnest desire to create a register of members and practitioners in Lagos in both digitally and manually for ease of access to all.

Members will have access to a well-stocked digital library for research works that could aid performance at their duty post and help them contribute to society at large.

I also have my eyes on consistent engagement with the public sector players in promoting professionalism in the conduct of the public affairs sector of government without compromising standards and best practices.

Regular intervention on major national issues that could further highlight the strength of our practice and the values it brings to national progression and integration.

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Through the digitization of processes and procedures, I intend to make quackery unattractive through persuasion and effective registration of members following our enabling Act and ensuring that non-members who are currently practicing do the needful and regularize their status institute.

We also intend to make it attractive for the present crop of practitioners in the corporate world to become members without lowering the standard for which the institute is reputed.

I intend to deploy the institute platform to engage members and ensure their welfare is addressed within the available resources and by creating opportunities for them to upscale their skills and expose them to better facilities to enhance their professionalism.

Elders of the institute who have contributed to its growth are to be recognized, honoured and celebrated.

I am in this race because I believed that I have the competence, character, goodwill (contact), and temperance to lead the Institute to a greater heights.

Though I know that the task ahead is daunting, I am determined to put in the hard work to ensure success all the way.

I am clear within me that the goals and objectives of the institute to add value to its members will be best served with me on the saddle at this point because I understand what it takes to realise them within the context of the prevailing socio-economic and political spectrum.

I am in the race to win, but not desperate nor feel entitled. I believe that service is paramount in my agenda and that can only be executed with clarity of purpose devoid of any maneuvering.

At the end of the day, it’s the future of the institute that matters, the future is clear and should not be jeopardised.

~Mayowa is currently the Vice Chairman of the Lagos NIPR and COO of Stepcraft Nigeria Ltd

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