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Why bad news about churches spread like wild fire

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Two major events dominated the news on both the traditional and online media last week; they are both related to the misdemeanor of two General Overseers of churches. One was arrested on his way to a crusade in Kenya with drug wrapped around his waist, while the other was arrested for masterminding wire fraud.

It was easy for people on the social media to troll them because the pervasive hatred for some men of God as a result of their perceived behavior considered in variance with what they are supposed to represent.

Thankfully, there was also another video footage that went viral on social media on the two incidents. There was a man who put out a disclaimer on the social media that those two men are not representing the church of God despite their tittles as General Overseers.

That they do not reflect the quality of the gospel, but rather that they are the true sample of the enemies of the church who have unwittingly infiltrated the fold in the guise of being called to serve God.

Truly, the church of God is perfect, inspiring and full of grace; the weakness of man definitely is not a yardstick to measure the quality of the church and the God we serve.

Men will be men; that is why we can see many people turning the temple of God to commercial centres and exploiting innocent and gullible people in the name of God. That is why churches are being established and open for operations like pure water factories across the breath and length of the country and many are daily trooping in search of solution to their issues in life.

The fact that a man performs what look like miracle does not qualify such person to belong to God. The scripture is so clear about those who deploy miracles as tool to lure people into their commercial centres tagged church.

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24.
For instance, as soon as the news of the general overseer who was arrested for drug at the airport by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) hit the wave, a video of him performing what look like miracle, where people were falling hit the social media.

To some undiscerning minds, the fact that the man was seen performing what look like miracle attested to his godliness or rather closeness to God. People should understand that there are miracles and there are magic too.

That was clearly demonstrated at the palace of Pharaoh when Moses went to deliver the message of God to the monarch. While with God instruction, Moses threw down his rod, which turned to snake in the presence of the king and his people, also Pharaoh’s magicians threw their own rod on the floor which turned to snakes as well. But the power of God showed superiority by ensuring that Moses rod swallowed the rod of the magicians and render them valueless.

While I am not trying to judge the arrested GOs or condemn them ahead of their trial because the law presumed a man to be innocent until the court of law prove him otherwise, my concern here is that many people are not wise enough to understand that salvation is an individual thing and that they must work their salvation with fear and trembling.

No man is permitted to blame his downfall on the deed of another man; neither should you benchmark yourself with the strength or weakness of another man. God is our standard and He alone is worthy to be our benchmark for righteousness, love, peace, joy and character.

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What is happening in the church today, especially in the third world, in largely black nations is as a result of poverty, which is driving many to embrace false doctrine in their quest to escape the debilitating economic hardship all around them.

Also, a number of people are catching up with the huge army of despondent people to perpetuate false teaching to make merchandise of the gullible and the naïve ones.

Those who understand the scripture and are wise to know that no evil perpetrated in the name of God will go unpunished and people should be more circumspect in blaming the church for the misdeed of many who claim to represent the fold.

The Church and the leaders should also roll up their sleeves and ensure that they encourage many young ones in growing their faith so that they would not be infected with the virus of sin and become like the people they are following.

The church as an entity should begin to redirect attention back to our saviour, who is the owner of the church and not diverting attention to any general overseer or prophet who have usurped the place of Christ in the lives of their followers.

They should start telling their congregations that anyone who calls attention to themselves and not to Christ does not represent the scripture well and should be discountenanced.

There should also be a rebirth in the church because the reason Christ came was to restore righteousness on the face of the earth, using believers as the light, reflecting the glory of God to mankind.

That the demonstration of God’s power is not in people falling ‘under anointing,’ but believers turning new leaf of righteousness and demonstrating that it is possible to live right in this pervert generation.

That no man can help God to succeed and once they notice that a man in the guise of growing the church is diluting the truth, such person should be discarded at once if he fails to heed to call to repentance.

The church should understand that they are the light of the world; the world should always want to be like the church and not the other way round.

The church should model itself after Christ and not after the pattern of the world so that the world will know that Christ remains the yardstick, the measuring scale and the standard for the world to copy from.

Until that time when the church is able to do what is right and just, the world will continue to troll those who present themselves as the representatives of Christ on earth without doing what he asked them to do.

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