July 25, 2021
  • July 25, 2021
Public Relations

What’s your own perception of PR practice?

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By Eniola Mayowa

I love PR! I know a number of people misunderstand what PR is. It is not that spent that cannot be accounted for or disburse on entertainment in a project. It is not money spent in order to influence decisions or curry favour.

While many have no idea of what the discipline or the practice entails, it is noteworthy that PR delivers more than it is being credited.

I had met a marketing manager who told me that he didn’t understand what PR was about until he worked with us @ Stepcraft Communication. From my experience daily, a number of brands, individuals, and businesses still deny themselves the value PR can deliver to maximize their organizations’ potentials.

Public Relations has been severally described and defined with common factors centered around intentional effort, endear goodwill, analyzing trends, gaining acceptance, and genuine connection with people. Public relations is an intentional and purpose-driven effort aimed at winning within others.

It is not media relations as many people would want to reduce it. Public Relations is much more than posing for cameras and see faces in the newspapers and other publications.

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There is much more to PR than the media appearances or mentions in leading prints and electronics. Suffice to say that media is one of the critical and relevant publics to PR hence media relations is one of the many relationships that a PR practitioner must nurture and keep to ensure successful practice but there is a lot more to getting the job done than media presence.

Indeed, public relations as so described is about people, identified public. It is about relationships and the conscious effort to build the relationship. It is about connecting with the people, among whom are the identified targets and stakeholders, genuinely for the purpose of mutual benefits.

Public relations is about creating and sustaining a connection that will stand the test of time. It is about all efforts orchestrated intentionally to garner goodwill and maintain cordial relationships with the people among whom are the target for individuals and corporate organizations.

Have you taken time to know who are the publics that matter the most to your business or brand and where you can find them? While the general public may not be your space in PR, effort must be put in place to portray a positive image to all.

Media reportage is good to create awareness and top-of-the-mind share of the market for your brand; it may not be enough in the days of “adversities” or crisis situations.

After creating awareness of your brand, what next? What perception do you consciously create in the mind of people about your organization or brand? What influence your action and PR strategy?

Do you consciously build a consortium of goodwill that will stand the test of time? What customer experience do you offer your customers?

Do you consciously run with the understanding of the saying, “customer is king?” And customers, in this case, don’t necessarily mean those who patronize your products or services; but everyone who is impacted by what you do or represents as a business, organisation, brand, or individual.

To maximize the benefits of public relations, custodians must be strategically intentional about mutually rewarding experiences rather than an Adhoc approach that reduces PR to the volume of reportage in the media space. To maximize the benefits of public relations, a good understanding of the practice and the values inherent will be good to know.

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