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Voting Portal for Consumer Value Awards 2023 closes July 31, as voting peaks 

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In the second edition of the 2023 Consumers Value Awards (CVA) voting portal, over twenty thousand consumers have cast votes in the fifty-two different categories of brands listed as value-for-money brands.

The leading position among the voting categories is the Cement, telecommunications, and Detergent, with over eight hundred votes each. Others, such as Seasoning, Cooking Oil and Butter, came second with over four hundred votes.

The third category of the leadership board of votes is Pasta, Energy Drinks and carbonated drinks, with three hundred votes each. The voting process will close on July 31, 2023, at midnight.

This year’s event theme is Consumer Satisfaction Index, and the award ceremony will hold at Radisson Biu Hotel Ikeja. Also, Glo is leading in the two categories of Telecommunications and Data value for money, with 56 percent and 54 percent.

Rite Foods brands Fearless Energy drink in the energy drink category, 71 percent, Bigi Cola 50 percent in carbonated drink, and Bigi Sausage 44 percent.

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Other leaders in different categories of the ongoing voting as it enters the third month are Waw Detergent with 62 percent, Hypo Toilet Cleaner at 78 percent, and Dangote Suga at 70 percent.

The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Analyst BrandXchange, Akonte Ekine revealed that the voting remains transparent as the consumers are the judges and jury in the entire programme.

It is a statement of appreciation and validation of brands in the market based on the consumer rights to better service and to be heard among its eight rights.

We delivered over three hundred letters to respective brand custodians to inform them of the nominations, and we have seen incremental growth in the voting compared to the 2022 edition.

In line with the programme, dignitaries within the marketing and manufacturing space will grace the second edition.

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