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Vice President Osinbajo says Nigeria’s future will be far greater despite present challenges

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Despite its challenges, the future of Nigeria will be far more glorious and peaceful than her past, and the nation’s lights will shine bright, with opportunities, equity, justice, and righteousness, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Osinbajo stated this on Sunday at the 62nd Independence Day anniversary service, which was held at the National Christian Centre, Abuja. The Service was held to mark Nigeria’s October 1 Independence Day.

The VP, who brought warm greetings from President Muhammadu Buhari to the congregation, declared that “the future of Nigeria will be far more glorious, more peaceful than her past, and so it shall be for you too. Every year will be happier for you, more glorious, more prosperous and more peaceful, in Jesus’ name.”

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According to the Vice President, “we stand at the gates of a new nation. And we see its lights shining bright. The nation of God’s promises. A nation of opportunities, of equity and justice, a secure and prosperous nation, a nation of laws and righteousness.

“Even if what we see today seems bleak, and dark, we are confident that God who owns the heavens and the earth will fulfil His promises concerning this nation.”

“And we pronounce concerning this nation, that not a word will fail regarding any good thing which the Lord had spoken to Nigeria. All will come to pass in Jesus’ name.

“Finally, to every citizen of this nation, and every family that is represented here, we declare that in the name of Jesus, your best days are yet to come. Every promise that God has made to you will come to pass in Jesus’ mighty name< the vice president said.

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