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US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion: Women call for SEX strike

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Women are threatening not to have sex with men in protest of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as pro-choice supporters continued to rally through the weekend.

Protests erupted on Friday following the court’s ruling to overturn women’s federal right to abortions, with 26 states expected to further restrict or outright ban abortions.

And now, women are being called to withhold sex from men ‘until abortion rights are federal law’ as calls for a nationwide sex strike also gain momentum on social media.

“Women of America: Take the pledge. Because SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade, we cannot take the risk of unintended pregnancy, therefore, we will not have sex with any man — including our husbands — unless we are trying to become pregnant,” one Twitter user wrote.

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“I live in New York and I am DOUBLE FURIOUS with the Supreme Court. I want to find people who are coordinating a mass sex strike. That is our power,” another woman raged. “Women have the power here. No more sex until abortion rights are federal law.”

There were also calls for ‘sex strike’ across the country as terms including #SexStrike and #abstinence began trending online.

Another supporter wrote on Twitter: “Womxn! Calling for a national #sexstrike ✊ No sex with men until women’s rights are codified by law. #Allmen #Underhiseye.”

US women call for sex strike
US women call for sex strike

“Perhaps a #sexstrike (also known as #abstinence) would help the men folk to be all in on this #womensrights issue,’ another Twitter wrote.

“Others posted a graphic that read: #SexStrike. If our choices are denied, so are yours.”

By Sunday, most of the protests had remained peaceful apart from a pickup truck that drove through a group of demonstrators in Cedar Rapids, running over a woman’s foot. And in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night, a group of protesters smashed windows and vandalized several buildings.

Brianna Campbell, 24, was among the thousands marching in the New York City streets this weekend.

“If you’re a man who won’t get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible, and you’re not out in the streets fighting for my rights, you do not deserve to have sex with me,” Campbell told The New York Post.

“I think it’s absolutely valid for us to be withholding the Holy Grail that men seem to think is important,” Caroline Healey told The Post during a protest in Union Square on Saturday.

“Why shouldn’t we withhold it if we’re always worried that they’re not going to put a condom on, that they’re going to take one off after we ask them to,’ she added.

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