February 28, 2021
  • February 28, 2021

Unknown Usefullness of Everyday items

By on November 14, 2020 0 99 Views

By Treasure Mayowa

There are so many items we use. Some assist us, some on a regular basis use. But they are more to some of them that meet the eye.
Here are some hidden usefulness in everyday items.

1. When you are working and your laptop keyboard is all dirty. You try to clean it with a napkin or your fingers but it is getting worse. Getting a cleaned old makeup brush will do the trick. The brush is thin enough to enter in between keys and big enough to clean well.
Try it out!

2. Want to drink a hot cup of coffee, but the handle is too hot to hold. Or that cup of chocolate will be better enjoyed hot but you can’t hold it that hot.
Instead of waiting for it to cool down and still burn your hands, get an old, clean sock and simply wear it onto the mug! You can use a nice designed sock to add color.
Talk about cute and comfortable!

3. That comfortable headrest in your car is not just for comfort. It can be a saving gear when in need. it is actually also there, so you can break out of the car in case you are stuck and the windows are closed.
head rest
Just remove the headrest and use those silver handles to shatter the window. Remember to know how to remove the one in your car.

4. Those small piece of clothing that comes in the pocket of new clothes are actually not for patching. It provided so you could test the cloth in the washing machine before putting the entire material.

5. Trying to cut something with a knife and the knife is not cutting right. Has your knife gone blunt?
Just fold an aluminum foil over the knife and rub over the part you want sharpened.

6. The hole at the edge of the handle of a frying pan is useful for more than just hanging it. When stir-frying or just plain frying, you can just place the spoon in it for a neater fry.

7. If you know how to type, you probably know the “asdf” and “;lkj” keys. Well, on your laptop, there are little dash just below the keys, ‘f’ and ‘j.’
This helps to remember where to place your fingers first on the keyboard.

8. Want to wear that necklace but it looks kinda faded out? You can actually use ketchup to polish silver. Also, a bottle of Sprite can also do the job. Just rub it over it, wait a while and rinse it off. Works for silverware and a range of silver-based items. Try it out!

9. Want to have fresh orange juice but no juicer? There are more to the everyday use of tongs.
Tongs can also be useful for squeezing an orange or lemon. Just place the fruit inside and press to squeeze.

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