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Thursday, May 19, 2022


UK Prime Minister Johnson says Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘is catastrophe for our continent’

The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has condemned the Russian invation of Ukraine, says “this is catastrophe for our continent.”

In a Tweet on Thursday, Johnson called for an urgent meeting of all NATO leaders as soon as possible.

“This is a catastrophe for our continent. I will make an address to the nation this morning on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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“I will also speak to fellow G7 leaders and I am calling for an urgent meeting of all NATO leaders as soon as possible,” Johnson wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin on Thursday ordered an invasion of Ukraine and said he wants to ‘demilitarise’ and not occupy the country.

The Russian President told Ukrainian service members to ‘lay down their arms and go home’ as he declared war on Ukraine in an address to the nation.

Putin said Russia could not exist with a ‘constant threat emanating from the territory of Ukraine’ as he said clashes between Russian and Ukrainian solders was ‘inevitable’.

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