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Tinubu says APC losing goodwill, seeks leadership action

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In his quest to carry out his reconciliation assignment, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, has started consultation with the leadership of the ruling party. Tinubu told the chairman of the party, Odigie Oyegun that the party was losing the goodwill that heralded it to victory in 2015.Image result for Bola Tinubu
At a meeting in Abuja with the leaders of the party, Tinubu said the reason for some of the challenges the party might have faced was due to its inexperience in governance.
“We worked hard for victory. We have never governed before, but we won the confidence of Nigerians to govern. We have a creed to really serve the country; change and reform the country,” he said.
“It is not easy to have those changes implemented like instant coffee. We have to grow it and face challenges. I sympathise with us and we should equally look at ourselves. Since we won the election, the expectations were very high and the goodwill was extremely high. But where are we today?,” Tinubu noted.

Apparently referring to criticisms and concerns shown by Nigerians over the performance of the APC-led administration, Tinubu said there were a lot of things that the party met on assumption of office, which ordinarily were enough to overwhelm any government.
He, however, said that the party and its administration would remain undaunted in their determination to confront challenges as they come and try to do something to improve the lives of Nigerians.
“It is only because people are not paying attention to the various statistics that are available and we had to push out. But I won’t touch those areas yet. The challenges of security, the challenges of reforms and re-engineering the finances of this country, stopping corruption and challenging the status quo to change and reform ourselves are there. It doesn’t go away overnight. You should work on it and work hard at it,” he said.
Tinubu, who arrived the National Secretariat of the APC at 2.pm, spoke on how he would execute the assignment given to him by President Muhammadu Buhari to reconcile aggrieved party men.
He gave insight on how he hopes to approach the assignment, saying that he would seek advice and try to build confidence amongst the stakeholders of the party.
He said: “The solution is to seek opinion and advice on the various complex issues around some states or if there is any national one, to reconcile; move the party in a cohesive manner, and reposition if any, and build the confidence among ourselves.”
While speaking on the outcome of the meeting, which lasted for over two hours, the National Publicity Secretary, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi, said it was an exploratory meeting meant to spell out the rules of engagement.
He said that the leadership of the party made it clear that it was ready to work with him to actualise his mandate.
“In whatever way we need to assist Asiwaju in this assignment we will be ready to do so,” he said.
On Tinubu’s term of reference, Abdullahi said that it was to identify areas of conflict within the party and to find ways of resolving them.

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