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The Tinubu, Osinbajo contest for political power; matters arising

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… like Biblical King Saul and David story

By Oludare Mayowa

The happening in the last couple of days since Vice President Yemi Osinbajo made his declaration speech, seeking to contest for the position of president of Nigeria has been scary and put to question the real motive for power by some politicians.

From the moment Osinbajo threw his hat in the ring, his hitherto political family went for his jugular, labelling him Judas, betrayal, disloyal etc, for the mere fact that he was seen to be a major obstacle to the realization of their master’s lifelong ambition.

Social media has been set on fire mainly by the supporters of the ex Lagos Governor and one of the pillars of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The angst against the vice president was hinged on the fact that his ascendance to political prominence was through the benevolence spirit of Tinubu and his political sagacity.

Those who are calling Osinbajo names expected that he should have shelved his ambition in deference to the position of Tinubu who had earlier signalled his own intention to become the country’s next president.

It would be recalled that Tinubu first appointed Osinbajo the attorney general of Lagos while he was governor of the state in 1999.

Also, his nomination as the vice president in 2015 was ascribed to his membership of the Tinubu political dynasty and was also influenced by the APC godfather in Lagos. Though this has been variously disputed in some quarters by some insiders who were privy to the scheming leading to the nomination of the APC Vice Presidential candidate in 2015.

Nonetheless, it was therefore implied that by declaring to run against Tinubu for the ticket of the ruling APC, Osinbajo’s action smacked of a form of betrayal and ethically inappropriate in view of the role played in his political trajectory by the ex-Lagos governor.

Were these points valid, should Osinbajo have deferred to Tinubu over the contest for the nation’s presidency because of their past relationship, could his action be termed betrayal by whatever means?

The story of King Saul and David in the Bible provides a clear reference point for the current happening within the nation’s politics and offers some great lessons that can be learnt from how the whole contest eventually ended.

David was Saul’s servant, having served in the palace by the grace of King Saul as a minstrel to the King and later day commander of the army of Israel that eventually defeated goliath.

David coming to prominence can be attributed to that singular opportunity orchestrated by King Saul to confront the enemy called goliath.

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However, despite the relationship between King Saul and David, God elected to choose David as king over Israel in the place of Saul.

Although Saul turned all the forces in his arsenal against David in a bid to frustrate David from becoming the next King, in the end, Saul lost everything, including his political dynasty, his family and memory to the intrigues.

At the end of the political battle between the two giants, David became the King of Israel, but Saul’s place can no longer be found.

I took my time to narrate the Biblical story of Saul and David with the inference to the battle set by the political supporters of the ex Lagos governor so that some of them who can understand that power belong to God and that it is only Him who can give it to whoever He wishes would sheath their sword.

That Tinubu played a role in the appointment of Osinbajo as commissioner and later as vice president is because God had set him as the instrument to be used for the fulfilment of His purpose.

The supporters of Tinubu should be mindful of the implications of destroying the relationship between the two leaders because of the future and consider the wider implications of creating enmity between them.

First, the contest is still within the ruling APC and whoever among the two who eventually get the tickets would have to work together to ensure victory for the party at the poll against their common enemy, the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

With the manner stones are being thrown at each other by the supporters of the two juggernauts, at the end of the day, they would have helped prepare the ground for the opposition to snatch victory from the ruling party.

The nation today needs a person with hands-on experience to help stir the country away from the looming danger steering us all in the face.

If truly the lifelong ambition of the contending forces is motivated by the need to rescue the country from the calamity confronting us today, then the bitter feud over the contest for party ticket is uncalled for.

Osinbajo has been Nigerian vice president for the last seven years, securing the trust and confidence of his principal, it would be unjust for someone or some people to discourage him from taking over from the president come 2023.

As of today, despite all negativity associated with the ruling party, Osinbajo remains the natural successor to President Mohammadu Buhari. This notwithstanding, the field of contest should be left open for whoever believes he or she is capable of taking over on a free, fair and just contest.

That is the beauty of democracy and no one should be muzzled out of the race base on intimidation, suppression and whipping up of primordial sentiment.

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