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The roll call of excellence: Boy Child to buckle up

By Eniola Mayowa


The male child of the 21st century seems endangered and urgent attention is needed to reorder things and guide against the social disorder.

The society deserves to have children who are well grounded and sufficiently prepared for the future psychologically, physically and socially.

The current trend is such that so much attention is being placed on the girl child to the detriment of the boy child who are being loaded with so much expectations without adequate preparation.

In the midst of the high expectations with overwhelming shortcomings, many of the boys seems to be given up so easily and declining on the ladder of excellence.

No doubt, we live in a patriarchal society where men and boys are often pressured to assume roles they are ill-equipped to function. It is not uncommon to see parents say things like “boys don’t cry” just to suppress emotions that should ordinarily be expressed.

Boys are largely garb in robes many of them are not prepared to fit in. Society has successfully casted them on a role that is detrimental to their becoming whom they really should be without assumptions that daily challenge the reality of our world today.

While the boy who will eventually become a man and husband has responsibility and position ordained by God in the place of marriage and family, many misconstrued this role in the upbringing of their children thereby denied them the opportunity to maximize their potentials across all facets of life via undue indulgence.

It is not uncommon to see parents pay so much attention to the upbringing, nurture and discipline of the girls at the expense of the boys within a family setting.

It seems the indulgence, and the over pampering in some cases is beginning to tell on our boys in view of the happenstance and the noticeable trend in our society today.

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The drive to aim for excellence seems to be dwindling among our boys and it appears the competitiveness for excellence is weaning.

What is lacking for the boys is the gain of the girls. They are largely celebrated and encouraged to be the best they can be morally, socially, academically etc. Many girls today are topping their classes in secondary schools as evidence at prize-giving day and end of session valedictory service.

One noticeable trend where our boys are dwindling in performance is the area of academic excellence. It appears our boys are giving up too easily in competitiveness.

Convocation is one event that celebrates achievements and bring fulfillment to our existence. It is one ceremony that brings friends and family together to celebrate academic performances and It is worth nothing that graduates with outstanding performance and excellence cannot be ignored at such event. Indeed they become the cynosure of everyone.

Have had to attend a number of Convocation in recent times. It is not uncommon to celebrate outstanding academic performances. As a parent, it is a joyous moment with sense of fulfillment and accomplishments.

It is also one of the moments that provide opportunity for families to display their financial muscles with display of wealth at post convocation parties. Who will not want to celebrate a child that have done well academically anyway?

One things that is usually of great interest for me at convocation is the celebration of academic excellence. It is those people that are usually outstanding and qualify for special recognition. It is not uncommon for schools to graduate thousands of students after the completion of their studies.

In the hall of outstanding performance, our boys are missing or occupy insignificant position in the roll call. From University of Ibadan, to Covenant University, to Bowen University, to Afe Babalola University; the story is the same.

Girls are taken all the laurel. They are taking the front seats; they dwarf the boys to lead the pack. It is not uncommon to see girls taking all the awards to be taking at Convocation.

I recall the experience at Bowen University last year, the Guest Speakers. Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina and some other guests and parents called out the young men who were graduating while challenging them to take their place of pride in the hall of excellence.

That the girls are doing well is quite commendable. The boys only need to do more to measure up and fill the gap being created either by omission or commission by the parents and the society. They should not be absent in the committee of leaders with excellent prowess.

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