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The humiliation of a Commander in Chief

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Bandits, now classified as terrorists have had General Buhari for lunch. First, they hit an Abuja to Kaduna train with bombs, maybe improvised explosive devices, IEDs with eight dead and many injured. Some were probably abducted.

Within hours they attacked a rail station on the same Kaduna/Abuja route.

They probably ended a phase of their humiliation of General Buhari by blocking the busy Abuja/Kaduna expressway. Many have reportedly been taken hostage.

General Buhari has been saved by democracy. Under a different regime, his colleagues would have told him to step aside because the humiliation by a band of terrorists is clearly unacceptable. General Buhari is a failed General and failed Commander in Chief.

Libel, defamation of character on social media

… Jokingly, playfully prison may not be far away

On international women’s day in Akwa Ibom state, there were apparently an exchange of words among three important women political officers in the state.

Now a social media poster is in prison on remand for libel, defamation of character and offence bothering on cybercrime prohibition in Akwa Ibom state.

This post is to alert young political activists that you may find yourself in prison for your abusive posts. Abuse through social media posts and ordinary everyday conversations is very common in Akwa Ibom state and possibly Nigeria.

Most of those political comments are libellous and defame the character of people. If those assaulted with those comments decide to go to court you may find yourself in person.

In this case, a female public figure was accused of prostitution. Now the young man is in prison on remand for posting this defamation of character on Facebook.

You may need more understanding of the current law on cybercrime which this court case is alleged to also offend.

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Every good Editor is afraid of libel and defamation accusations and allegations. Prison is not far away if you are not very watchful and restrained in the contents of what you publish.

With current citizen journalism, everyone is an editor. Because whatever you post on social media is described legally as being published.

Watch it. Many people will go to prison in the coming months.

…Still on libel, defamation of character

Some months back a very popular radio commentator in Akwa Ibom state carelessly accused on air the state lawmakers of taking bribes from the Governor to pass a certain law on loan acquisition.

The Speaker lodged a criminal complaint with the Police. He was arrested.

The law requires him to prove this criminal allegation.

A whole lot of pleading came in to persuade the Speaker and the police to temper justice with mercy.

He was lucky.

Others with careless remarks and comments, many times libellous and defamatory, on radio may not be that lucky.

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