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TCN yet to restore collapsed power grid as Nigerians are left in darkness

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The country wide power outage experienced on Sunday following the collapse of the national power grid, the fifth such collapse electricity grid this year is yet to be restored.

A large part of the country still remains in darkness more than 18 hours after the confirmation of the power drig collapsed.

It was learnt that the grid collapse on Sunday occurred around 6.49 pm, leading to the shutdown of the outgoing electricity feeders of some power distribution companies.

Though power supply was temporarily restored at some points around 9:00 pm on Sunday, supply has since been disrupted, especially in the Lagos area covered by Ikeja Electric.

Ikeja Electric had in a message on June 9, alerted its customers that the disruption in supply under the distribution company was a result of low power allocation from TCN.

“The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) is currently working to ensure the power supply is restored to your vicinity,” the company said in the statement.

Kaduna Electric in a tweet confirmed the collapse in the National power grid.

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Power Outage In Our Franchise Due To Grid Collapse. Dear Esteemed Customers, We regret to inform you that the power outage being experienced in our franchise states is due to System Collapse of the National Grid. 

“The collapse occurred at about 18:47 pm this evening hence the loss of supply on all our outgoing feeders. Power supply shall be restored as soon as the National Grid is powered back,” the company wrote on his Twitter handle.

On June 7, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) refuted a report on online news platforms the country experienced its sixth grip collapse, blaming the drop in power supply across the country on the partial shutdown of Oben gas plant to address some process safety-critical equipment failure.

The TCN also claimed that there has not been any recently grip collapse, “even though power generation from both the Thermal and Hydro stations have been very low.”

It said the shutdown of the gas plant led to a total loss of about 564.5 MW of generation from seven thermal stations.

This, the company said does not amount to grid collapse as reported in the media.

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