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Monday, September 26, 2022

TCN accuses distribution firms of sabotage, seeks recapitalisation of Discos

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) on Sunday sustained its call for the complete overhaul of the power sector and recapitalization of the distribution companies to avert the collapse of the sector.
In January, the TCN had suggested that promoters of energy Distribution Companies, otherwise known as Disco should be compelled to inject fresh capital into their business to increase efficiency and capacity in the power sector.
The transmission company wants power distribution companies to increase their capital base this year as part of measures to strengthen the sector for effective service delivery.
TCN Managing Director Usman Mohammed believed that the Discos are lacking in capacity performing their role due to inadequate capitalisation.
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Responding to complain by Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) on a drop in the amount of electricity taken on Sunday, the TCN blamed the fall in power supply to the country’s capital to the poor distribution network of AEDC.
“The TCN management is seriously disturbed because if nothing is done quickly to capitalise of the Discos, the power sector will completely collapse.”
It said the distribution companies have programme their 33 kV substations in such a manner that will give them the advantage of diverting supply to preferred customers and depriving others supply.
“To worsen the situation AEDC introduced “33 Kv Auto-Reclosure Circuit Breakers’ which ideally is supposed to clear faults within its systems, but AEDC uses it to have control of whom and where to give power to.”
“Instead of focusing on improving the poor distributions network and few injection substations and injection challenges, AEDC is busy installing Auto reclosure breakers for load management. TCN can not afford to allow AEDC’s unprotected circuit/networks to destroy its equipment.”
The TCN said the main challenges being face by the distribution companies across the company are lack of capacity to ensure effective power distributions across the country.
The current managers of distribution companies lacked the capacity to effectively distribute power nationwide, the transmission company said.
“We are going to actually push for the recapitalisation of Discos in 2020. We believe that by doing that we are pushing the power sector to sustainable growth and development. The power sector has to attract investments,” Mohammed.

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