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Tapping into the Power of Positive Energy Within You

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By Eniola Mayowa

The power of positive energy is great! That aura and innate that makes you feel optimistic, motivated, self-assured, and cheery to engage with life experiences and in your interaction with others.

Though it can be difficult to maintain positive energy when confronted with disappointment, failures, loss, pains, rejection or irritations; the consciousness to stay positive knowing that “tough times don’t last but only tough people do” can go a long way to remain optimistic in the face of doubts and negativity.

So what energy do you attract or emit when people are around you? The energy you attract or emit largely defines you and also has implication for your relationships in both personal life and professional journey.

Many have lost great opportunity while others have also enjoyed tremendous acceptance because of the energy they carry anywhere they go! In the face of adversity, do you allow the situation to drown you, define you, or strengthen you after you might have taken the learning as every experience leave us with something to chew?

The energy we emit has a great implication of the mental, physical emotional and spiritual wellness or otherwise of an individual. Our world view and understanding of the situation of life couple with daily experience of social interaction with others have been proven to determine the kind of energy we emit hence it is important that we consciously walk the path of positive energy regardless of what life has thrown at us.

While positivity comes more naturally to some people, others have to be intentional about it in order to live it.
An individual with positive energy believes everything is doable. You must keep going regardless of seemingly obstacles hence the need to train the mind to envision the end on a positive note and a successful vibes.

Often people lean towards creating worse situations in their mind of what can go wrong rather than envisioning what can go right.

Positive energy can be attractive and infectious! It largely depends on what you give. It will be difficult to attract positive energy if all you extend to others is heaps of negative energy.
How do you make others feel when they come around you? Do they feel appreciated and encouraged in their interaction with you? Think about the kind of vibes others get when they spend time with you.

Do you radiate warmth, concord and a sense of joy and gladness or would rather complain and pass uncomplimentary comments about others? Negative energy can be repulsive. What kind of impression do you make on people? You can start making amendments even now!

Positive energy enhances your sense of well-being, happiness, comfort, and self-worth.
To stay positive, you must intentionally avoid influences that drain your positivity. This influence could be people who constantly remind you of your inadequacies; it could be places that bring back unpleasant memories or experience that triggers fears and anxieties.
Do not allow toxic relationships to sap your positive energy; discard interactions that threaten your overall happiness.

In the same manner that you avoid people, experiences or places that drown your positive energy, you must be conscious to have a circle of positive influences. Create time for people whose company you enjoy.

Edge yourself with optimistic, prosperous achievers who are compassionate and considerate. Keep company with those who bring positive energy with them, and make sure you nurture and protect those relationships. Again, let your own energy be infectious within your ring of positive influences.

Positive energy abhors fatigue and mental drains. All work and no play makes you a dull chap! Take a break or holiday when situations or circumstances of life become overwhelming, that is how you can retain that power of positivity. There is so much strength in reinforcing for another time and season.

With the power of positive energy, there is no storage for the failure of the past, let go of it! While the lesson is taken, the presence constantly points to the direction of the future.
You should allow the positivity to thrive by judging yourself mildly and avoid the feelings that come with guilt, anger, sadness, pain, hurt, frustration, rejection, grudges, resentments, and disappointments.

Positive energy helps to channel your current status on the path for a future you desire. It is what will propel you to court the right people who may have a role in your future.
To maximise the benefit of positive energy, you must begin to take steps that lead in the direction that says YES to opportunity for a great future by being prepared at all times. Positive energy will open your eyes to the world of opportunities rather than the mirage of impossibilities. It will move you to climb mountains you never expected to be able to climb because of the belief that all things are possible.
The extra movements you take toward being optimistic, the more you craft your personal positive reality.

One thing that positive energy guarantees is that of affirmative talk and constructive confession in spite of unpleasant circumstances. Which report do you believe? What are you saying? Are you drowning or you are sailing? Learn to speak positively to that situation that seems negative.
Speak the word of assurance and encouragement to yourself and others at all times. What you constantly hear and expose to sure have implication for the outcome.

You can increase your positive energy level by treating yourself nicely. Celebrate your achievement and identify with other peoples’ successes. Be intentional to see the positive side of others.

Acts of kindness and compassion have an expression in positive energy. It takes a positive mind to be kind and compassionate towards others. The reward of doing good for others is always positive and often take your mind away from your current difficulties or challenging situations.
Deed of kindness and compassion makes you enjoy better physical and mental health, and have stronger relationships which are all positive traits.

Positive energy is an enabler of acts of gratitude. When you are positive in your outlook to life, it will be easy to see many things you should be grateful for. It will not be difficult to appreciate people who have been supportive in your journey or making a positive impact in your life.

The power of positive energy cannot be ignored if you desire the best out of life. Embrace it! Cultivate it! Be intentional about It! And you will enjoy the benefits of positive energy…let it flows!!!

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