April 13, 2021
  • April 13, 2021

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Tapping into the Power of Positive Energy Within You

by on November 22, 2020 0
By Eniola Mayowa The power of positive energy is great! That aura and innate that makes you feel optimistic, motivated, self-assured, and cheery to engage with life experiences and in your interaction with others. Though it can be difficult to maintain positive energy when confronted with disappointment, failures, loss, pains, rejection or irritations; the... Read More

Unknown Usefullness of Everyday items

by on November 14, 2020 0
By Treasure Mayowa There are so many items we use. Some assist us, some on a regular basis use. But they are more to some of them that meet the eye. Here are some hidden usefulness in everyday items. 1. When you are working and your laptop keyboard is all dirty. You try to... Read More

Lagos may need N1.2 trln to rebuild damaged infrastructure, businesses aftermath #endsars riot

by on October 25, 2020 0
By Oludare Mayowa As calmness gradually returned to some parts of Nigeria after the wanton destruction visited on both public and private property and businesses by hoodlums, government and individuals are counting their losses and assessing what it will take to bring back what have been destroyed. In Lagos, the state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu... Read More

Ecobank to showcases remittance products for Nigerians overseas 

by on October 17, 2020 0
Ecobank Nigeria has said that that it is providing financial services and remittance solutions designed to support and enhance the lifestyles of Nigerians in the diaspora, ensuring their sustainable growth. This, the bank noted, is particularly important today, as the world embraces the new normal following the challenges of COVID-19. According to the bank,... Read More

Bad Habits That Actually Affect Your Health

by on October 11, 2020 0
By Treasure Mayowa There are many habits or things we do on a regular basis, some of them as routine and some of them as things that are necessary. From research and according to health specialists, there are certain behaviours or habits that we do that affect our health negatively or otherwise. This article... Read More

From the social media: Is Nigeria a failed state?

by on September 27, 2020 0
I first got the idea of how Nigeria is managed in 1990 when I enlisted as a Cadet ASP in Nigeria Police. On resumption, all cadets went through certificate screening and verification. All 202 cadets produced university degrees but 95% of the cadets from Northern Nigeria could not produce WAEC School certificates. The Commandant... Read More