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Southern Govs call for power rotation contradicts constitution, says NSGF

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The Northern States Governors’ Forum on Monday said the candidate with majority votes would become Nigeria’s President in the 2023 elections, condemning the position of its southern counterpart of rotational presidency.

At an emergency meeting in Kaduna State, the 19 nothern governors  said the position of their southern counterparts, that the next president must come from the south, contradicts the provisions of the constitution.

The northern governors made their position known in a statement issued at the end of the meeting and signed by the chairman of the Forum, Simon Lalong, who is also the Governor of Plateau State.

“The Forum observed that some Northern State Governors had earlier expressed views for a power-shift to three geopolitical zones in the South with a view to promoting unity and peace in the nation. Notwithstanding their comments, the Forum unanimously condemns the statement by the Southern Governors Forum that the Presidency must go to the South,” the communique reads.

“The statement is quite contradictory with the provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended, that the elected President shall: score the majority votes; score at least 25% of the votes cast in 2/3 States of the Federation. In the case of run-up, simple majority wins the election.”

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The 17 Southern governors had in their meetings in July held in Lagos and September in Enugu, insisted that power must shift to their region after the tenure of President Mohammadu Buhari.

The Northern governors also said their Southern colleagues were confused about the collection of Value Added Tax. The Southern governors had said states have the rights to collect their VAT.

But the Northern governors said, “VAT is being confused by these state governments as a sales tax. If every state enacted its own VAT Law, multiple taxation will result in increases of prices of goods and services and collapse in interstate trade. VAT is not a production tax like excise, but terminal tax which is paid by the ultimate consumer;

“Another confusion is ignoring observation above and its “overall effect”. The reason Lagos account for our 50% Vat collection is because most of the telecommunication companies, Banks, manufacturing and other trading activities have their headquarters in Lagos with the resultant and wrongful attribution of VAT

“Until and unless the Supreme Court pronounces judgement on the substantive matter between Rivers State and Federal Government, the matter is sub judice and Northern States Governors Forum would respect this.”

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