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Social Media sparks debate on marriage and divorce: Diverse perspectives emerge

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A lively discussion unfolded on social media recently after ritzbergrealty posed a thought-provoking question on Thread: “Divorcees…do you miss being married or are you happier being divorced?”

The responses, ranging from joy to regret, highlighted the complex emotions surrounding marriage and divorce.

Many respondents expressed a sense of liberation and newfound happiness post-divorce. User wisdom_in_a_woman encapsulated this sentiment, stating, “Happier! Singlehood is truly taken for granted! Cherish your freedom.”

Similarly, stufftrj declared, “Single > in a relationship w/the wrong person,” while cynthy_seda shared a profound relief, “Honestly, happier being divorced. I literally sighed as I typed this. When my papers came through I felt as if I was on cloud nine.”

Others echoed these feelings, emphasizing the personal growth and peace they have found. bohemian_diva99 reflected, “I’m extremely happy I’m divorced. My biggest regret is that I shouldn’t have married him at all when the first red flag appeared,” and mn_chelle_66 simply affirmed, “I am happier being divorced.”

However, not all responses were unequivocally positive. Some users voiced a nuanced perspective, acknowledging both the positives and negatives of their experience.

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prochoicepagangirl admitted, “I miss the possibility of what it could have been,” while jaypapiofficial and tammeraismycoach both missed aspects of being married but not their previous spouses.

The discussion also touched on the broader implications and responsibilities of singlehood and divorce. zelldega noted, “Being single and being divorced has its own responsibilities. At this stage in my life I want to be ready to remarry because I know it’s a special thing to God and I want to make him happy the most.”

The conversation also highlighted differing opinions on the financial and emotional impacts of divorce, especially from a gender perspective. Users nick_greek_nomad and blonde_qtie debated the financial implications, with blonde_qtie pointing out, “The woman is usually still at a financial disadvantage, has a higher probability of poverty and poverty in old age,” while nick_greek_nomad countered, “Marriage is a legal contract that benefits only women. We know very well what divorce does to a man.”

A few respondents expressed lingering sadness and loss. christiana_h_p shared, “I miss having my children every day and everyone being under one roof,” while afterherose reflected on the ups and downs of relationships, “I miss the good things, every marriage comes with them. You forgive & forget.”

In a landscape where personal stories often highlight the complexities of relationships, this social media thread has provided a snapshot of the diverse experiences of divorced individuals.

Whether finding happiness in singlehood, contemplating the possibility of remarriage, or reflecting on the past, the voices in this discussion underscore the multifaceted nature of love, marriage, and divorce.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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