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Sixteen abducted students and workers were freed in Zamfara

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…Security challenges continue to test President Tinubu’s administration

Sixteen students and workers who were kidnapped by gunmen during an attack on a university in northwest Zamfara state last week have been successfully freed, according to university authorities.

This incident underscores the ongoing security challenges that President Bola Tinubu’s administration faces, including abductions, an Islamist insurgency in the northeast, gang and separatist violence in the southeast, and farmer-herder clashes in the north-central region.

The Federal University of Gusau, located in Zamfara State, released a statement expressing the tension that the attack had caused within the institution, with students deeply concerned about their safety.

The university urged both students and staff to remain calm and continue their normal activities while security agencies work tirelessly to rescue the remaining students and individuals still in captivity. So far, fourteen students and two workers have been successfully freed.

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To address the situation, President Tinubu has instructed the army, air force, police, and state security agencies to lead an operation aimed at rescuing the remaining victims.

Kidnappings of students, once a notorious tactic employed by Islamist militants to intimidate the population, have evolved into a money-spinning industry for armed criminal gangs that demand ransom payments. This trend has escalated the security crisis in Nigeria.

In a separate incident on Sunday, gunmen killed eight people and abducted at least 60 others in two communities in Zamfara, approximately 60 kilometers from the university.

Furthermore, in northeast Nigeria, suspected Islamist militants ambushed a convoy of vehicles under military escort, resulting in the deaths of two soldiers and four civilians, according to a police source and a witness to the attack.

These events highlight the complex security situation that the Nigerian government is currently grappling with as it seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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