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SDP Senatorial aspirant seeks paradigm shift in Edo State politics

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A budding politician, Idumonza Isidahomhen has lamented the economic backwardness of Edo State and challenged the electorate to shift their attention to other political party in the subsequent election in order to remedy the situation.

Isidahomhen, who is aspiring to become senator representing the Edo Central Senatorial district of the state under the Social Democratic Party (SDP) said both the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) have failed the people of the state woefully since 1999 and should be rejected in subsequent election.

“This 30th anniversary (of the creation of the state) calls for celebrations but ironically, there is nothing to celebrate.

“Thirty years after its creation, Edo State, like a carriage is struggling to walk a path, has yet to take a step in achieving its potential.

“The State is bedeviled with inadequate infrastructure and growing unemployment. Many of its despaired citizens are seeking succour elsewhere and drowning in overseas lagoons,” Isidahomhen said in a statement on Monday.

In a statement signed by the spokesman of the Idumonza Isidahomhen Campaign Council (IICC), Oleabhiele Valentine, the Senate aspirant argued that the records of SDP in Nigeria’s democratic stability are indisputably sacrosanct.

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He, however, regretted that the solid foundation entrenched by SDP as the first Democratic Party that nurtured Edo at infancy has been paralyzed by PDP and APC.

Idumonza therefore called on voters in the state to embrace the Horse party in subsequent elections assuring that the untainted focus of SDP for economic revival, social harmony and administrative accuracy would liven up voters’ standard of living when voted into office.

Idumonza noted that while the State’s economic mismanagement has unleashed untold consequences on the citizens; the case of Edo Central Senatorial District has a compelling sympathy.

As a remedy, he emphasized that the prospect of Esan reversing the economic misadventure and channeling a new growth path is a huge possibility.

But to reconnect with this shift, Idumonza urged voters to align with the SDP 2023 Senate change agenda for Esan and ensure that PDP that has held it for fruitless 21 years does not return to the Senate as well as APC that has not demonstrated any inkling of competence in governance.

Idumonza, who was on the Senate ballot in 2015 and 2019 respectively, further assured that with voters’ supports, he would replicate and surpass Anthony Enahoro’s feat who orchestrated Nigeria’s independence and attracted huge federal interests into Esanland, some of which are everlasting legacies.

“With your supports and votes, I will, by the grace of God, reverse the inauspicious economic climate of Edo Central and turn Esanland into a  destination of choice for global investors through technical and intelligent  lobbying and legislation in Abuja,” the Irrua born media practitioner and business man assured.

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