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School resumption: Mixed feelings as anxiety grows amidst Covid-19 second wave

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By Treasure Mayowa


The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria has continued to create anxiety among Nigerians and major stakeholders in the educational sector.

In the midst of the second wave, the state governments across the country ordered the resumption of schools, which further raised concerns among parents.

Fortunately, the second wave has also come with the launch of vaccines in some Western countries, which had been deployed to manage and contain the spread of the virus.

The Lagos State government announced the opening of schools on Jan 18th amid the rising cases of Covid 19, which naturally help to dispel the speculations of a possible second lockdown in the state.

In the light of the state government’s position to open school despite the second wave of the pandemic, Global Financial Digest seeks the reaction of some parents on the government position.

A parent identified as Titi Moshood said; “There is no way I will allow my child to return to school now. When the coro (Coronavirus) was not much, we were locked down, now it is much, they are saying school resumption. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Another parent who preferred not to be named has a contrary opinion. He says, “Closing down schools won’t stop or reduce virus spread. Students should be allowed to go back to school.”

A parent  Wike Udemezue also noted that “Closing down schools might not be the best idea but neither is opening. This government seems to lack the capacity to control and enforce protocols. NIN registration centers should be closed down.”

We also got the reaction of some of students who joined the debate on whether to open schools or not.  A student at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) said that schools shouldn’t be close for the second time.

“People should stop complaining about school resumption date. That is not even the main problem of this country.” For Lolade Williams, a student of a private secondary school in Lagos, “I feel scared about the resumption. The truth is, while you are trying to be careful and observe protocol, some of your friends may not be so careful.

“But again, I want to continue schooling. staying at home for so long is  not good for us, students.”

Despite the mixed opinion about the school resumption, many schools reopening for studying on Monday in accordance with the directive of the state government.

In a bid to ensure that schools are not closed down again, many of the private school owners have assured parents that protocol will be strictly adhered, to ensure the safety of students.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Ben White


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