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Rogues in cassocks: The limit of desperation for power

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Initially, this headline was cast about a week ago to write about some clergymen who are in the ministry for the mere purpose of merchandising and giving the church a bad name in the country. It was meant to depict the danger of allowing such ministers, who though are thriving in the ministry but are simply misleading many of their followers in the disguise of preaching the gospel.

However, the turn of events last week forced me to retrace my step and focus my attention on the event of last week while the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu unveiled his vice presidential candidate.

It was no longer news that Tinubu has against all odds chosen a fellow Muslim, Kashim Shettima as his vice presidential candidate for the 2023 general election. It was also no longer news that the major Christian groups, leaders and associations in the country have all condemned the move and vowed to work against the candidate of the ruling APC as a result of the wrong choice of same faith ticket.

However, what was the most surprising to many was the audacity of the ruling party to embark on deceptive tactics to debunk claims that it is not all Christians in the country that are opposed to the same faith ticket.

The news first filtered from the venue of the unveiling event in Abuja that some clergymen, including Bishops, were present at the event to show solidarity for what has come to be known as the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the APC.

Well, for me as a newsman, such development was not surprising because of the division which has existed within the Christian fold over the years and the mushrooming of churches across the country that has provided room for charlatans to continue to give the faith a bad name.

However, before sunset, the truth behind the so-called clergymen at the APC event has begun to unfold and the deception that surrounds such development has become a major issue across the political divide.

The fact that the ruling party in its desperation has chosen to hire some tugs and deck them in borrowed robes and cassocks with the intention to give the impression that there is indeed division in the rank of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the body of Christ as a whole in the country is appalling.

Thank God for the advent of social media and the internet generally, perhaps the deception of the ruling party would have been successfully concealed momentarily. However, with technology, a number of the fake clergymen have been exposed for who they really are; APC tugs decked in cassocks to deceive the populace. These are the rogues in power, who have consistently duped Nigerians with their false promises of change that have since turned into nightmares.

I have read so many ludicrous explanations of the show of shame at the Bola Tinubu event; the worse of them was the statement by hitherto respected journalist, turned mouthpiece of the oppressor of the people, Bayo Onanuga.

In his statement, which was meant to explain the authenticity of the rogues in Priest vestment, Onanuga claimed that those so-called clergymen and women in attendance at the event are upcoming bishops who “are gradually building up their missions.”

The issue of mushroom churches is a subject on its own, which I will take time to address soon. However, it was obvious from every material particular that those clowns in cassocks at the Bola Tinubu VP unveiling are charlatans hired to pull the wool over Nigerians by politicians without scruples with the intendment to deceive and gain undue political milage.

Have you seen the video of how those clowns were struggling to secure chairs to seat down at the venue? Have you seen videos of how they were exchanging their garments for a wad of naira notes after the event at a car park near the event venue?

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If those people were genuine representatives of the church, they would have been given the opportunity to speak to the world and proclaim their support for the candidates to the audience to prove some points that the church is not against the same faith ticket.

They would have been offered the platform to speak and eulogies the brilliance of Tinubu’s choice and their support for the demonic combination of the same faith ticket.

Those clowns would have spoken to the press about their mission and conviction that Bola Tinubu made the right choice and why they chose to support his position against the condemnation by CAN and prominent church leaders in the country.

Those rogues in cassocks came in almost at the same time, giving the impression that they came as a team; but do you see any form of camaraderie among them while they were in queue to enter the venue? Do they behave as members of the same faith who are united in their support for the evil ticket?

Are those ‘Tinubu Bishops’ so obscured that they cannot come out in the open and address the press to debunk claims that they are APC tugs deck in borrowed robes?

Already some of those hirelings have come out to accuse the Tinubu group of scamming them over the promises for their appearance, which they failed to fulfil but rather short change them by given them less cash than promised.

It is obvious from the attitude of Tinubu and his group that they have disdain for Christians, otherwise, they would have explored more conciliatory means to pacify the church in Nigeria to understand the reason behind their choice.

Rather Bola Tinubu and his team have resorted to underhand and deception to justify their choice of same faith ticket.

It’s time the church and the adherent of Christianity prove that they cannot be taken for granted and neglected in the scheme of things in the country.

The church has seen persecutions in the last seven years under the regime of APC, led by President Mohammadu Buhari who has failed to rein religious fundamentalists in the north from killing Christians, abducting them at random and destroying their means of livelihood.

More churches have been burnt; many Christ followers have been killed and kidnapped across the country without the APC government being able to find a lasting solution to the intractable insecurity engineered by Islamic fanatics under the watch of Buhari.

This time, the church should speak with one voice; mobilize its members to work against the interest of those who have no regard for their faith in the forthcoming general election.

Christians should not reinforce a political party, especially a personality who has demonstrated time without numbers his quest to foist on Nigeria same faith presidency without regard to the sensitivities and the place of religion balancing in our governance.

The church should loudly say enough is enough with millions of their vote in the forthcoming election to make it clear that Christians are not to be taken for granted and trampled upon by political and religious bigots.

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