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REFLECTION: Life is not a walk in the park, it takes process of becoming

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By Oludare Mayowa

Many people look more at the finished product than what the raw materials look like. The reason for this is that while raw materials are truly raw, rough and uncomely, the finished product is palatable and beautiful to behold.

Unfortunately, without the raw, rough and uncomely-looking raw materials, there would never be a finished product.

The import of raw material is the creativity required in turning it into a beautiful finished product through the process of refining and polishing.

For instance, gold at its raw form is not attractive; in fact, it’s like any other common or ordinary stone covered with dirt and not capable of serving any ornamental purpose.

However, raw gold in the hands of a Goldsmith is transformed into a glowing valuable ornament that many sought after and desire to have.

What transforms gold into beautiful, sought after and precious ornament to those who know the value is the process, the passing through the furnace, the beating and the filing by the Goldsmith. The furnace is the place of fire, burning fiery hot and the cubicle of purification and sanctification.

It is after the raw gold passes through the furnace, the Goldsmith hammer, chisel and then the polishing process that it can be recognized as valuable stone.

The process of purification are not without pain and hardship, it requires firing up, hammering, chiselling, filing, and polishing for the beauty of the gem to come forth.

At the finishing point, what used to be raw, uncomely and dirty to behold would have been transformed into valuable ornament which the rich and affluence sought after.

If you focus more on the finished product, you may never be able to appreciate the value inherent in the raw stone. The reason I first admonished that your focus should not be on the finished product only in order to enable you to understand the process required for the product to become a finished product.

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All men are born equal before God, naked and with nothing brought to this world. However, circumstances of birth such as place, environment, family, influence and background differ. Some by reason of inheritance are conferred the advantage of a head start over others.

Notwithstanding, every man is required to go through the process of refining and transformation to become who God want them to be.

Unfortunately, many missed the opportunity to pass through the refining process to become finished products and for them, they are satisfied to remain raw materials without value addition as a result, they missed the purpose they were created to fulfil.

These are people who go through life struggling without being able to realise their dream and purpose because they lack the capacity to do so.

For those who by inheritance have a head start or advantage, the likelihood that they would be able to build the capacity required to fulfil their God giving purpose is high.

But there are many in that category who in spite of their privileged positions are not able to fulfil their purpose simply because they take their privileged position for granted and fail to realise what they are meant to be in life.

They perpetually live in the shadow of their progenitors and squander the opportunity given to them from birth.

Also, there are many who in spite of their disadvantage and circumstance of birth were able to overcome all obstacles on their path and become who they are destined to be through dint of hard work, dedication and commitment to the process of becoming.

Many wade through life’s challenges and difficulties like raw gold that had passed through the process of purification to become precious stones sought after by the rich and affluent in society.

In all of these, there is always a price to pay; rivers to cross and furnace to be burned through and without hesitation, they chose to pay the price to go through the process.

Those who had attempted to jump the queue without first going through the process always live to regret it.

The world is not fashioned for those who chose to jump the queue, but for those who are willing to go through the process of life. There is no way you can pass through the school of life without paying the right price, it’s either you pay the price at the appropriate time or pay double at the end of the day.

Again, it’s possible for one to get to his/her destination faster than the other as a result of being privileged or through grace or what some ascribed to luck. The reason for this is often found in the fact that each has his/her own template set by the maker.

While both Joseph and David’s process of passing through the furnace, chiselling and polishing seem tougher than other Bible characters such as Solomon and many others, the fact remains that each passed through the process of becoming a finished product.

They do not just turn from raw material to finished product; they were made to pass through their own destined process of becoming.

For you to become a finished product, sought after by many, you must go through the process of rebirth, and build capacity for the purpose you are destined to be.

It’s not possible for all to go through formal education, but it’s imperative that everyone should equip him/herself by way of adding value that will single them out and prepare them for the purpose they were born to be.

A person without a skill set, or developing the gift given to them from the get go may be lost in the sea of life. Building capacity will help you to bring out the raw gift, talent and passion deposited in you from birth by the creator into the finished product.

To achieve your goals, you must be open to learning in whatever way possible, be prepared to sharpen your tools to be more efficient and be open to trying new things or doing things in a novel way.

You must constantly add value to your life, making it into a long journey of learning how to develop the undeveloped talent that was placed in you into a finished good, like raw gold in the hands of a goldsmith.

This is the crux of the matter; turn your raw material into a finished product worthy of emulation and ready to add value to your world.

Take time to meditate over this, and ensure that you follow through the process of becoming the finished product you are meant to be so that you can be ready to fulfil the master’s purpose.

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