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Recent Immigrants in the UK urged to stop calling Police over minor domestic issue, UK lawyer warns Nigerians

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By Samuel Bankole 

A prominent United Kingdom-based lawyer, Dele Olawanle, has offered advice to recent Nigerian immigrants in the UK, urging them to refrain from involving the police in minor domestic issues and instead find amicable solutions to their problems.

Olawanle’s counsel comes amid a rising trend among some immigrants to exploit the system by calling the police over trivial matters, often using domestic violence as a pretext.

In a post on his Twitter handle, Olawanle emphasized the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and discouraged the misuse of law enforcement as a means to achieve personal gains. He expressed concern that such actions could ultimately lead to strained relations between immigrant communities and the authorities.

“Some are using it to make an asylum claim and destroy their partners in the process by involving the police in unrelated matters,” Olawanle said, shedding light on how some individuals misuse the police to further their own agendas. He cautioned against the adverse consequences of such actions, both for the individuals involved and for the reputation of immigrant communities as a whole.

Olawanle, who has resided in the UK for over three decades, noted that the habit of calling the police on spouses appeared to be a product of wrong association and highlighted the importance of understanding the distinction between genuine threats to life and ordinary disagreements.

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He emphasized that the police should only be contacted in cases of imminent danger or abusive relationships, and in less severe circumstances, individuals should consider seeking separation as an alternative to harming each other emotionally and socially, particularly if children are involved.

Concerned about the potential ramifications of excessive police calls for domestic issues, Olawanle drew parallels with how the UK government had regulated ambulance and emergency services due to misuse. He feared that a similar regulation might be imposed on reporting domestic disputes to the police if the trend persists.

“I am sending a subtle warning to many recent immigrants in the UK about what I see as the abuse of calling the police for the most simple domestic incidents between husband and wife,” Olawanle asserted.

He underscored the importance of finding alternate means of resolving family conflicts, urging individuals to carefully consider the impact of their actions before involving law enforcement.

In conclusion, Olawanle urged immigrants to exercise caution and discretion, cautioning them against emulating friends or acquaintances who may have misused the system. Instead, he encouraged them to seek guidance and support from community resources to address their issues constructively.

While acknowledging that reporting genuine cases to the police is essential for ensuring safety and protection, Olawanle stressed the significance of safeguarding the integrity of the system and preserving relationships within immigrant communities.

As immigrant populations continue to grow and assimilate into the fabric of the UK society, Dele Olawanle’s advice serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible conduct and ethical practices in navigating the intricacies of a new country and culture.

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