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President Tinubu pledges vigilance against corruption and invites Qatari investors to Nigeria

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President Bola Tinubu, reiterated his government’s commitment to combating corruption and fostering a conducive business environment in Nigeria.

Speaking at the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum in Doha on Sunday, Tinubu urged Qatari investors to report any instances of bribery involving Nigerian government officials.

Tinubu assured the audience that ongoing reforms were addressing past challenges, emphasising a forward-looking perspective. He declared, “Nigeria will no longer be defined by the past but by what we do now and moving forward.”

The former governor urged investors not to let perceptions hinder their willingness to invest, underscoring Nigeria’s dedication to revolutionising investment promotion.

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In a firm stance against corruption, Tinubu cautioned against offering bribes to government officials and encouraged reporting any such incidents. He pledged swift action, asserting, “Your funds will flow smoothly into and out of our country. Bring your investments.”

Highlighting recent strides in the war against corruption and insecurity, Tinubu pointed to the appointment of former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, as National Security Adviser (NSA).

Describing Ribadu as an “anti-corruption czar” with global accolades, Tinubu expressed confidence in the strengthened efforts to create a secure and corruption-free business environment.

Emphasising the openness of Nigeria for business, Tinubu assured investors that their investments were secure. He envisioned a collaborative effort with men and women of great reputation, fostering fruitful discussions and advancing the nation’s economic agenda.

In conclusion, Tinubu underscored the pivotal role of individuals in building a nation, asserting, “People build great nations, and we have great people. We are ready.”

This exclusive insight into Tinubu’s commitment to transparency and a thriving business landscape provides a glimpse into Nigeria’s evolving economic narrative.

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