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President Buhari

President Buhari seeks equitable access to Covid-19 vaccine

By on November 10, 2020 0 199 Views

By GFDNews cCorrespondent

President Mohammadu Buhari has called for the equitable distribution of the Coronavirus vaccines across the globe to protect people in all countries.

Buhari, who said this against the backdrop of the breakthrough achieved by Pfizer on the clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine.

“I welcome the news that a Coronavirus vaccine has recorded 90% effectiveness in clinical trials. This is a major milestone.

“The world must now make great effort to facilitate equitable access and distribution of these vaccines, to protect people in ALL countries,” Buhari wrote on his Twitter handle on Tuesday.

However, many believed that Nigeria and other African countries may not have immediate access to the Coronavirus pandemic vaccine despite the breakthrough announced on Monday by the global drugmaker Pfizer.

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The chief executive of a multinational drugmaker had in August warned that Nigeria and other African countries are yet to make any booking for coronavirus vaccines from any of the global pharmaceutical companies and this may cause them access to the vaccine when it is eventually ready.

The CEO, in an interview with the Global Financial Digest, said Africans are not ready to receive the drug to help protect their citizens from the deadly disease.

“The implication is that while other nations will be getting the vaccine immediately the clinical trial and the production starts, Africa will be left behind on this,” the chief executive told one of our correspondents.

He, however, said some of the drug makers are thinking of providing few of the vaccines to some critically affected Africa country whenever the drug is ready as part of their contributions to rid the world of the dreaded disease.

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