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POLITICAL NOTES: Selfish, uncaring leadership, Nigeria biggest challenge


People abandoned by their leaders

I am extremely pained by the report that a sitting Governor plans to relocate to United States after his tenure.

If he’s so much in love with United States why did he come back to seek the leadership of his people? He won and he has led his people for almost eight years.

Within that period he put in place policies and programs hopefully designed to change the lives of his people.

Why is he running away from experiencing the impact of his programs and policies?

I am told many public officers in the Executive branch and the Legislature are relocating after their tenure. I understand they have already relocated their families.

Leadership, selfish uncaring leadership remains our biggest challenge.

Proposed new Nigeria Airways:

Have money to waste, share an investment with government, federal or state.

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Federal Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika says the federal government will own only five percent equity in the proposed new Nigeria Air. Interesting. 95 percent will be subscribed by members of the public, including strategic foreign investors.

Do you trust today’s politicians, public officers and government to risk your hard-earned money in their business?

Today they are worse than the day of dead Nigeria Airways. They change their business policies like they change wrapper. Then political officers and top government officials refused to pay for tickets. Today they will be worse.

Today ethnicity and religion determine everything, policies, employment etc.

Sirika is projecting tens of thousands of employment from the venture. The employment roll with be the sons, daughters and relations of politicians. Church members, mosque members, political party members.

It will not be a business but a social security agency.

Take a chance and say that I will be proved wrong.

  • Essien is a former Editor of Defunct National Concord
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