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POLITICAL NOTES: Of Paris Club Refund, INEC eTransmission of election result

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By Nsikak Essien

Nsikak Essien
Nsikak Essien



Nigerian Governors question Federal Attorney General integrity

President Buhari and the National Assembly should not take lightly today’s press statement from Nigerian Governors Forum, questioning the integrity of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami.

The National Assembly must move to show independence and protect ordinary Nigerians whose interest has allegedly been sold off to please foreign consultants by the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation.

$418 million is a lot of money. Deducted from 36 state governments and 774 local governments to serve greedy financial consultants will be a height of lack of patriotism and criminal.

Something must be done now.

Electronic transmission of election results:

I can see clearly now.

If not for this technology the Anambra elections would have been massively rigged by

  1. Manipulation of voting
  2. Doctoring of declared results at every level.

They prepared the ground for rigged elections by the big hype that the ruling party at the centre had altered the elections preference of Anambra electorate.

They bought state and federal legislators to change camps. These people are available for a few dollars. They have no shame and stand for nothing.

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Even the sitting deputy governor offered himself for ridicule. He couldn’t get the party’s ticket for lack of grassroots support. He suddenly became a man with big voting advantage. Now he has to manage his shame and disgrace.

APGA has their God to thank for being given their rightful victory.

We thank an INEC determined to keep its name and integrity.


Baba and his foreign “friends”

Baba’s boys are busy publishing accolades from the foreign guys while in Glasgow. Baba and his boys are happy. Very happy. They are happy to rate themselves based on foreign compliments.

When another group of his foreign friends like The London based Economist magazine blast Baba, his boys led by Liar Muhammad will be livid with anger.

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Back home Baba is more and more unpopular.

Who raided the home of a Supreme Court judge? Baba is mum.

About six academics and family abducted in University of Abuja, in the dead of night. Baba is mum.

Now that bandits have moved to Abuja we are waiting for Liar Muhammad.

What did Baba’s foreign friends tell him about insecurity at home? They applauded him?


Lagos state Governor, the man to beat.

Nearly 24hours after the collapse of the 21 storey building heads have begun to roll in his government. Good way to go. Action Governor.

Head now to Abuja

After more than 48 hours after a major destabilizing act on our democracy, Buhari is yet to issue a statement or fire anybody.

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Supreme Court Justice was chased in her home in Abuja like a common thief Buhari is yet to fire or detain anybody.

Meanwhile the following actors in the international disgrace are known.

  1. The magistrate
  2. The police officer who led the invasion team.
  3. The office of the invasion team.

It has been denied by

  1. DSS
  2. EFCC
  3. Attorney General of the Federation
  4. Inspector General of Police.

And now a belated investigation by the Police.

The Executive branch of government led by General Buhari where all these bodies belong and are supervised has failed woefully, showing lack of control.


Buhari’s APC complains of rigging of Anambra election results
1. Buhari’s APC is the party at the centre.
2. Buhari controls the entire armed forces. He’s their Commander in Chief.
3. Buhari controls the Police. The IG was his candidate
4. Buhari nominated all members of INEC. APC dominated National Assembly confirmed them.
Who should be complaining? Small APGA or almighty APC?
APC bought the Deputy Governor.
APC bought the Senator,
APC bought many Representatives
APC bought many House of Assembly members.
Inspite of all these David has killed Goliath.
Who should be complaining?
These guys have no shame.


  • Essien is a former Editor of Defunct National Concord
  • Look out for this space Monday and Friday
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