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POLITICAL NOTES: Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan’s alibi

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Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan’s alibi

Ahmed Lawan is the President of Nigeria’s Senate and the Head of the National Assembly. In the next few days we’ll get his alibi on why Buhari has denied assent to the Electoral Bill and why the National Assembly shouldn’t evoke its power of veto to override Buhari’s denial of assent.
It will be a confirmation of the commonly held view that the National Assembly under his watch lacks muscle and credibility.
He and House of Representatives Speaker visit the President so regularly that you may think that they report to the President. But the National Assembly is an independent arm of government.
Lawan worships Buhari as if the latter can do no wrong.
His lobby of Buhari to assent to Electoral Bill was stronger than any other. And he left us with no doubt that Buhari will assent to the bill.
Buhari has disappointed him. Lawan will now turn to explain why Buhari shouldn’t have signed the bill which he was most convinced that it was the best for the country.
What a National Assembly! Now a Ministry under the Executive arm of government.

What’s in the language of a name?

Promise, Beauty, Marvelous.
These and many more are names many young people now bear in my part of the country. Many years back they were very strange.
In our language the names mean so much and you can connect with romantically, emotionally and sentimentally. In English language, I have my doubts. That tallies with what sociologists say about our local languages, emotions, sentiments, love, loving and living.
Luckily our parents recovered their esteem from colonial indoctrination that most of what we are and our languages were unacceptable. They gave most of us names in our local languages. Many added the Jewish or biblical names because of religion.

I can understand sticking to Jewish and biblical names. But I can’t understand converting your name into an English word. What’s the emotional and sentimental connection with English language, especially among the low income group? Sadly their proficiency in English language is much below average.

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