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POLITICAL NOTES: A postmortem of Anambra elections

POLITICAL NOTE:  By Nsikak Essien

Nsikak Essien
Nsikak Essien

Anambra elections: a postmortem

  1. APGA is a religion in Anambra state. No bandwagon persuasion and bribery to join the federal level will work.
  2. Political parties should shop for the best candidates with unimpeachable profile as flag bearers.
  3. Many state and federal legislators are political prostitutes detached from their constituencies and available to the highest bidder.
  4. Merchants of violence knew when to pull back. The government had or has a good firepower to give you a bloody nose when challenged.
  5. Losing political parties still lack leadership and spirit of sportsmanship to accept defeat.
  6. INEC is making great effort to give the nation a free and fair election. The body joins the rest of the world to try technology in its work.

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Buhari’s snail speed justice

Some years back Baba said in London that back home many Nigerians described him as Baba Go Slow because of the slow pace of his government.

If Nigerians were unsure then to call him Baba go slow now they have tons of evidence. Take two pieces of evidence.

  1. Ibrahim Magu was suspended on July 07 2020 as EFCC Chairman and placed on half salary. Sixteen months later no decision has been taken on him by President Buhari, Magu’s friend then.

Yes, Magu was bad to many suspects of corruption. Is Baba fair to him now and fair to the society that Nigeria wants to be?

  1. NDDC suspended Board

The Board of the Commission which is representative of the stakeholders has remained suspended nearly 10weeks after the forensic audit report was submitted to the federal government. Complaints and threats from many interest groups are mounting again. When will Baba go Slow get back NDDC Board to work? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Baba’s diehard supporters should wake up his government from slumber.

Presidency is not a retirement benefit for the aged. It demands a lot of work.

  • Essien is a former Editor of Defunct National Concord
  • Look out for this space Monday and Friday
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