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Poland bans grain and food imports from Ukraine

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The Polish government has decided to ban imports of grain and other food from Ukraine to protect the Polish agricultural sector, the leader of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), Jaroslaw Kaczyński, said on Saturday.

Large quantities of Ukrainian grains, which are cheaper than those produced in the European Union, have ended up staying in Central European states amid logistical bottlenecks, hitting prices and sales for local farmers.

This has created a political problem for the PiS in an election year.

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“Today, the government has decided on a regulation that prohibits the entry, and importation of grain into Poland, but also dozens of other types of food (from Ukraine),” Kaczyński said during the PiS party convention.

The list of these goods will be included in the government regulation, and there are goods “from grain to honey products, very, very many things,” he added.

“We are and remain unchanged friends and allies of Ukraine. We will support her and we support her. … But it is the duty of every state, every authority, good authority in any case, to protect the interests of its citizens,” Kaczyński said.

Kaczyński said Poland was ready to start talks with Ukraine to settle the grain issue and the Ukrainian side had already been notified of the decisions of the Polish government.

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