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PDP Crisis: Dele Momodu calls for action against Wike over alleged party sabotage

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A former presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dele Momodu, has levelled accusations of disloyalty against Nyesom Wike, a former governor of Rivers State, within the party’s ranks.

Despite currently serving under the administration of President Bola Tinubu as the FCT Minister, Wike finds himself under scrutiny as trust from President Tinubu’s camp remains elusive.

Wike’s alignment with the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the 2023 presidential elections, in support of Tinubu, stems from a clash with the PDP leadership over their nomination of Atiku Abubakar, a candidate from the northern region.

Despite being appointed as the FCT Minister, Wike has yet to sever ties with the PDP, prompting calls for disciplinary action from within the party.

Dele Momodu, a renowned publisher, lambasted Wike for what he perceives as a detrimental course of action, accusing him of undermining the very fabric of the PDP.

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Speaking on the breakfast show “Sunrise Daily” on Channels Television, Momodu emphasised Wike’s perceived untrustworthiness, particularly in matters concerning his political ambitions and vested interests.

Despite attempts at reconciliation between Wike and the PDP, the rift remains unhealed, culminating in the PDP’s loss to the APC in the presidential election in Rivers State.

Momodu, however, believes Wike’s actions extend beyond mere disagreement, asserting that Wike’s conduct represents a severe blow to the PDP’s integrity.

Momodu’s sentiments underscore a growing sentiment within the PDP, advocating for decisive action against Wike to safeguard the party’s cohesion and standing.

While expressing regret at the situation, Momodu reaffirms his commitment to the party’s principles and asserts a vigilant stance towards Wike’s future actions, implying that the PDP’s tolerance has its limits.

Momodu’s forthright stance underscores the urgency for the PDP to address the Wike conundrum, lest it jeopardise the party’s credibility and prospects in the political landscape.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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