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Passengers on international flight to present covid-19 test certificate before boarding

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As the world gradually reopening the international airspace for traveling between countries, some airlines are now asking travelers to present Coronavirus test certification before they are allowed to board flights to their destinations.
The demand for covid-19 test certificate is one of the measures adopted by the aviation industry to steam the spread of the dreaded disease and ensure compliance with the protocols to contain the spread of the virus across borders.
Other measures that have been adopted include the mandatory wearing of facemask, early arrival at the airports before boarding time and compliance with the temperature test.
Airlines now require travelers on international flights to obtained the covid-19 test certificate within 72-hour before their flight, without which they will not be allowed to board.
Qatar Airways has already included Nigerians passages among those who are required for the mandatory coronavirus test certification before they are allowed to board flights traveling across the nations of the world.
The middle east airline in a notification said from August 13, it will not allow travelers from specific airports in the countries enlisted to present a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR medical test result when checking in.
The countries listed by the airways include Bangladesh, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Nigeria and Russia.
“Tests must be issued within 72 hours before departure from laboratories that are approved by Qatar Airways and paid for by the passenger. Children below the age of 12 years are exempt from the test if accompanied by family members that have presented a negative test result.”
Emirates Airlines also told THISDAY that passengers are expected to present test certificates “to show that you have proven negative before you board our flights and the test must be done in well known laboratory or hospital within 72 hours.”
The airlines said they want to ensure that their customers are protected from COVID-19 infection while onboard their flights.
British Airways, Lufthansa, ir France/KLM and other major airlines have also included the conditions as part of pre-boarding requirements from passages traveling with their airlines.
Already, Nigeria is planning a form of retaliation against the airlines that have included Nigerians in this requirement for boarding flights as soon as the country reopens its international airspace for travelers in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.
Nigeria is yet to reopen its international airspace five months after it was closed as part of measures to contain the spread of the dreaded disease.
Many countries are struggling to put in measures to prevent a second wave of the disease and ensure that the reopening of the international space will not have negative impact on the fight against the dreaded disease.

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