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One person dies in multiple accidents on Ogudu bridge in Lagos as mob set BRT bus on fire

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On Wednesday, an unidentified commercial bus driver was reported killed in a collision involving two yellow-colored buses known as ‘danfo’ and a government-owned BRT bus.

The accident, which occurred near the Ogudu bridge in Lagos State’s Alapere region, cause huge backlog of traffic movement and caused snake-like gridlock along the ever-busy axis connecting the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The BRT bus caught fire, adding to the traffic jam along the axis.

The spokesman for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Adebayo Taofiq blamed the accident on overspeeding by the buses.

“The accident involved a BRT bus and two commercial buses,” he explained. “One of the drivers of the commercial buses died on the spot. There are passengers with minor injuries.

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He stated that while the rain exacerbated the jam on the axis, LASTMA officers were dispatched to the accident scene to manage traffic.

Other emergency personnel were also observed on the scene of the accident.

In a statement, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) added, “Further investigation revealed that the BRT Bus suddenly lost control and rammed into the commercial bus from behind, causing the yellow commuter bus to upturn.

“Unfortunately, one adult male (the bus driver) was killed in the incident, and numerous others were injured but were taken to the local hospital.

This prompted angry mobs to set the BRT Bus on fire.

“The Agency’s LRT are at the scene alongside Lagos state fire and rescue service, Nigeria Police Force and LASTMA.

“However the body had been bagged by the Agency’s LRT at the scene and handed over the police officer at the scene.

“The burnt carcass had been recovered with the aid of a private tow truck provided by LBSL (Lagos bus service limited) the road is now free for vehicular activities.”

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