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Oil theft: Nigeria military task force intercepts vessel laden with stolen crude off Ondo state coast

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The joint military task force has intercepted and seized a vessel laden with 150,000 metric tons of crude oil in Ondo State.

The operations manager at Tantita Security Services Limited, Warredi Enisuoh said his organization provided intelligence that aided the arrest of the vessel by the government security operatives.

Although the vessel was arrested along the coastline of Ondo, Enisuoh said it was taken to Oporoza, Delta State, to be displayed.

He said the vessel changed its name to MT Tura II after initially registering in Togo, adding that security operatives had arrested the vessel in the past.

“It was a bit of a joint operation. As you know, the NNPC has been at the forefront of battling this crude oil theft,” Enisuoh said.

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“As you can see, the military has also been very supportive when it comes to battling this crude oil theft. We got intelligence on this vessel a long time ago.

“As you know, it is a notorious ship. It has been notorious for stealing crude oil from foreign countries here and there.

“But somehow, it is not stronger than the Nigerian military might, and with our intelligence and their support and power, we were able to bring this vessel to book on the 7th of July, 2023.”

The ship, Enisuoh said, had been eluding capture for some time and had been observed by security operatives.

“It was under arrest for some time, but somehow, somewhere, it was able to evade capture, but the current military and its forces were able to heed our intelligence, and jointly, we were able to bring it to book,” he said.

“It has been evading capture for a long time, and the Tura II has not got any documentation concerning Nigeria within the ship.”

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