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Ogun State to Kickstart Gas-Powered Mass Transit Initiative

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A four-man team of technical engineers from India has landed in Ogun State, Nigeria, to begin the process of converting vehicles from conventional fuel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as part of the state’s ambitious E-Mobility and Gas Mobility Programme.

The state government’s program aims to transform mass transit buses into gas-powered vehicles and introduce electric tricycles and motorcycles as part of its sustainable transportation plan.

The team of engineers will kickstart the pilot project, marking the first phase of the Gas Mobility Programme. They will also outline a comprehensive process map for the subsequent scaling up and implementation of the program on all commercial buses operating within the state.

In March of this year, in collaboration with Nigerian Transport Solutions Limited (NGTSL), the administration led by Dapo Abiodun took delivery of CNG conversion kits, signaling its commitment to a cleaner economy and more affordable transportation options, especially after the Federal Government removed fuel subsidies in May.

The Secretary to the State Government, Tokunbo Talabi confirmed the arrival of the Indian engineers and stated that the conversion process is set to begin shortly. The mass transit buses in Ogun State will soon run on CNG, aligning with Abiodun’s promise that the project would commence in the first week of August.

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“The aim is to improve and modernize bus operations in Ogun State through conversion of buses to Compressed Natural Gas by equipping them with the latest technology to improve environmental and operational performance,” said Talabi.

The conversion process is expected to last between four to six weeks and will begin with the transformation of twenty buses from diesel to CNG, with a focus on assessing performance before expanding the program further.

Furthermore, as part of the initiative’s comprehensive approach, the technical team is providing training to locally-based auto mechanics and technicians on CNG conversion. This not only facilitates technology transfer but also creates employment opportunities for the state’s youth.

The gas-powered mass transit project is set to alleviate the financial burden brought on by fuel subsidy removal by offering more cost-effective transportation solutions to the people of Ogun State.

As the initiative takes shape, all eyes are on the potential positive impacts it could have on the environment, public transportation reliability, safety, efficiency, and the reduction of harmful air emissions.

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