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Ogun Gov Abiodun hails Oba Otudeko’s contributions to Nigerian economy

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Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has lauded the significant contributions chairman of Honeywell Group, Oba Otudeko to Nigeria’s economy and the welfare of its citizens, recognizing him as a beacon of the entrepreneurial spirit.

As Otudeko marks his 80th birthday on Friday, the governor highlighted the magnate’s role as a prominent employer and transformative force across a spectrum of industries.

In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Lekan Adeniran, Governor Abiodun praised the founder and chairman of Honeywell Group for his exceptional achievements in sectors ranging from oil and gas to banking, flour milling, and real estate.

“Oba Otudeko has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s economic landscape,” Governor Abiodun remarked. “His enduring legacy as a dynamic investor and industrial luminary is evident through his significant contributions, both as a key employer of labor and as a driver of innovation and progress.”

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Hailing from Ibadan, Oyo State, Otudeko’s enduring success and influence have earned him a well-deserved place of prominence in Nigerian business circles. Governor Abiodun commended his dedication and perseverance as instrumental in his ascendancy within diverse sectors.

The governor also highlighted Otudeko’s pivotal role during his tenure as chairman of the Nigerian-South African Chamber of Commerce (NSACC), where he facilitated the inflow of investments into the nation.

Governor Abiodun reiterated Otudeko’s stature as a preeminent industrialist within Nigeria and celebrated his significant connection to Ogun State, underscoring his role as an inspiration to countless individuals.

Furthermore, the governor recognized  Otudeko’s philanthropic endeavors, particularly through the Oba Otudeko Foundation, which focuses on enhancing education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Governor Abiodun conveyed heartfelt birthday wishes to Otudeko and offered prayers for his continued good health and prosperity. As Nigeria celebrates this exemplary business titan, Oba Otudeko’s contributions continue to serve as a testament to the nation’s entrepreneurial dynamism and unwavering resilience.

(Edited by Oludare Mayowa; omayowa@globalfinancialdigest.com; Newsroom: +234 8033 964 138)

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