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Of a lifelong ambition and continuity of Buhari policy thrust

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By Eniola Mayowa

Many people are running around on social media shouting loyalty, betrayal and all manners of sentiments that are inimical and endemic to the progress of this nation with potential for greatness.

It is so unfortunate when you hear what full-grown adults, educated individuals whose interest in politics doesn’t go beyond commentaries and perhaps those who are benefiting from the crumbs from the stable of our corrupt politicians.

But is the noise about loyalty and what not the narratives Nigerians need at this time? Shouldn’t right thinking Nigerians begin to look at basic fundamentals that will lead us out of the mess we currently find ourselves in as we dispassionately seek leaders who will take us out of the doldrums in which the nation groans?

Haven’t we encompassed this mountain for too long? Are we destined to continue to produce leaders who are worst than the previous? Why do we settle for mundane politics, frivolous at elections and hope for substance in governance?

We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. I recall a discussion last year where some people expressed optimism about 2023 and a change of leadership.

My question was what will change to make 2023 different from 2019 and the previous years? And so quickly, it seems we are back to the same road where we narrow our options and deploy dangerous campaigns to subdue and frustrate candidates with positive potential. In the end, Nigerians lose and the pain of poor leadership continues.

As the political space turns full circle, let’s be mindful that our students are not in school due to ASUU strike. The incessant strike has affected the rating of our certificate in the global rating hence credibility is lost. Our education is struggling under the yoke of poor policies and bad leadership.

Let’s not forget that many Nigerians are losing their lives due to mundane excuses such as “no bed space”, poor working conditions, low morale and negative attitudes by medical personnel. The dearth of human resources due to brain drain remains a problem.

As we join the foray to attack, let’s be mindful that those who brought us to this sorry state are still very much around and carry on with so much arrogance if only to fulfil lifetime ambitions.

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Let’s be reminded that many Nigerians are still in captivity while many cannot step out far from their locations due to insecurity. Lives are being wasted daily. Nowhere and no one is safe. Who can help to restore Nigeria, which should be our priority.

Many Nigerians are hungry and angry because the economic situation is biting so hard. Cost of living is hitting so hard. A recent report showed that many Nigerians are living on hand-out because the take home cannot take anyone home for those on salaried jobs while millions do not even have a job they can call their own.

And the business environments offer no respite. It is quite difficult to operate a business successfully in Nigeria due to many factors contending with the success of the business and beyond ownership control.

While the situations in the country look pretty bad, one wish Nigerians can look beyond sentiments and issue that count for nothing, in choosing the next president of this country. The country so blessed, yet so deprived.

Way out! Angel will not be the next president of Nigeria but we must dispassionately look at issues on his merits and for the benefit of the people. Who can do the work?

The country should not be a reward for good deeds. This Nation is bigger than that and the future of the generation unborn shouldn’t be mortgaged in such a manner. The current government has failed, so we don’t wish for continuity. That will be dangerous.

Let’s candidate who wants to fulfil lifetime ambition tell us more. Fulfilment of ambition is not in the interest of Nigerians. What should people expect to justify the mandate?

To suggest a continuation of this government sounds wicked. While the limitation of being part of a failed government is understood, what will be done to alleviate the burdens of Nigerians sound better to the ears.

The current beat of the music of the Nigerian government doesn’t encourage good dance steps no matter how one enjoys dancing. We need a new DJ for a good remix. And a promise of continuation cannot deliver on that, but a departure. Anything short of that is deceit that has been the hallmark of our political tragedy.

Let’s stop the mundane, self-servicing and trivialization of issues at the expense of progress and development that our country needs. Nations of the world are leaving is behind. The future is at stake.

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