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NIMC issues 101 million national identity numbers to Nigerians so far ~data

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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has issued 101 million National Identification Numbers (NINs) to date.

According to the most recent NIMC data, the total number of NINs issued is now 101,013,279. According to the data, the commission added 5,935,362 NINs to the database in the last six months. As of January 2023, the figure stood at 95,077,917.

According to NIMC, of the 101 million NINs issued, males have 57.3 million, or 56.76 percent, while females have 43.57 million, or 43.2 percent.

Further examination of the June data reveals that Lagos State had the highest cumulative enrolment figure of almost 11 million, with 4.99 million females and six million men issued the NIN.

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Kano has 8.9 million NINs (3.8 million women and 5.1 million men), Kaduna has 6.2 million (2.8 million women and 3.46 million men), and Ogun has 4.2 million (two million women and 2.2 million men).

Oyo has a total of 3.91 million NINs. Katsina (3.46 million) and Abuja (3.4 million) are the next largest cities. Rivers has three million recipients, Bauchi has 2.7 million, and Delta has 2.67 million.

According to NIMC, Akwa Ibom has 1.71 million people, Imo has 1.7 million, Kogi has 1.69 million, Enugu has 1.62 million, and Yobe has 1.57 million. Taraba (1.45 million), Cross River (1.15 million), Ekiti (one million), Ebonyi (804,592), and Bayelsa (635,277) are the other states.

The NIMC said regional numbers show a nearly equal distribution across the North and South.

Also, in terms of diaspora registration, the commission has issued 447,414 identification numbers, where 186,034 women have NINs and 261, 280 NINs go to men.

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