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HomeBusinessNigeria's three tiers of Govt share N740 bln revenue for Sept

Nigeria’s three tiers of Govt share N740 bln revenue for Sept

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Nigeria’s three tiers of governments -federal, states and local governments – shared N739. 965 billion from the central revenue accounts for the month of September.

In a communiqué issued at the end of the virtual meeting of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) for October, showed that the N739.965 billion total Distributable Revenue comprised distributable Statutory Revenue of N577.765 billion, distributable Value Added Tax (VAT) revenue of N159.096 billion and Exchange Gain of N3.104 billion.

In September 2021, N126.272 billion was the total deductions for cost of collection, statutory transfers, savings and refunds.

The balance in the Excess Crude Account (ECA) was $60.860 million.

The Federal Government received N301.311 billion from the total amount shared, the State Governments received N220.272 billion, while the Local Government Councils received N164.176 billion.

A total  N54.206 billion was shared among Oil producing states entitled to derivation as 13 percent derivation revenue.

The distributable Statutory Revenue of N577.765 billion was available for the month and from this amount, the Federal Government received N276.008 billion, the State Governments received N139.995 billion; while the Local Government Councils received N107.930 billion.

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The sum of N53.831billion was given to the oil producing states as 13 percent derivation revenue.

In September 2021, the gross revenue available from VAT was N170.850 billion compared with the N178.509 billion available in the month of August.

The sum of N4.920 billion allocation to NEDC and N6.834 billion cost of revenue collection were deducted from the N170.850 billion gross VAT revenue, resulting in the distributable VAT revenue of N159.096 billion.

From the N159.096 billion distributable VAT revenue, the Federal Government received N23.864 billion, the State Governments received N79.548 billion and the Local Government Councils received N55.684 billion. The Federal Government received N1.438 billion from the Exchange Gain revenue of N3.104 billion.

The State Governments receive N0.729 billion, the Local Government Councils received N0.562 billion, while N0.375 billion was shared to the relevant States as 13% derivation revenue.

According to the communiqué, in the month of September 2021, Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT), Oil and Gas Royalties and Excise Duty increased significantly, while Companies Income Tax (CIT), VAT and Import Duty decreased marginally.

It was gathered that the federal government rescinded its earlier decision to deduct the controversial $418 million from the funds from states and local governments’ allocation in order to pay consultants who claimed that they assisted the two tiers of government in securing Paris Club over-deductions from the federal government.

The decision to suspend the deductions was to avoid a delay in the sharing of the monthly revenue which could lead to the failure of the three tiers of government in meeting their financial obligations, including the payment of workers’ salaries.

It was learnt that last week’s meeting had agreed on all indices and sharing concluded but for the issue of the deductions from the allocations of the states and the LGs, which brought the stalemate.

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