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Nigerian women consume largest Skin bleaching cream in Africa ~Report

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Nigeria’s women have been ranked as the highest consumers of skin-whitening creams in Africa, according to data drawn by CNN.

The data ranked Nigeria as the top consumer of the bleaching creams in the continent.

According to the data, 75 percent of women in Nigeria patronise whitening products, this is followed closely by Senegal at 60 percent, Mali at 50 percent and Ghana at 30 percent.

These creams contain ingredients that work to decrease body’s production of melanin, which is responsible for the pigment in the skin made by cells called melanocytes.

But many of these creams have been found to have dangerous side effects and are unapproved for use.

 In a report last year, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted a medical expert, Chinonso Egemba as saying that users of skin-lightening creams, which contain steroids, are more likely to have severe illness or die from coronavirus disease.

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Egemba, who is popularly known as ‘Aproko Doctor, said that some bleaching creams and soaps contained steroids, which reduced body immunity.

He described the immune system, as the body’s defence force against disease-causing bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus and other organisms that humans touch, ingest and inhale every day.

“If you are bleaching, stop it because it is reducing your immunity and people or patients with low immunity suffer more and may likely die from the virus.

“Steroids are basically anti-inflammatory drugs and inflammation is one way our bodies dispose off foreign substances. It could be via body swelling in form of boils or redness of the skin.

“So steroids reduce the body’s response to anything that could cause inflammation.

“Now, there are different types of bleaching creams and soaps but some particular types contain steroids and it can bleach the skin or cause skin lightening.

“When you use such cream or soap for a long time, it’s not just on the surface, your skin absorbs the steroids in the cream and it reduces your body immunity,” he said.

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